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    No Heat from HVAC_Blend Door

    I moved from Kansas to Boston this summer. We had a heavy cold rain, so I needed to run the defroster (in summer) which doesn't happen in Kansas. The windshield wouldn't clear due to no heat. None.. So I used A/C mode. It was cold, but pulled the humidity out of the air and off the glass...
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    Right Passenger rear window regulator noise and fail

    Noticed clunking noise when rolling down and up right passenger rear window for the last week and half. Today it hesitated going up, stopped at closed and then auto opened. Tried again and closed properly. All the time clunking and gyrations. Spring storm this weekend, so window lock on, and...
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    Roadkill Repair

    So one evening I'm driving along a country road in the early twighlight. Not speeding of course. Suddenly I see a giant loping lump of fur illuminated 50 ft in front of the Passat. It was bigger than a basketball. Jam on the brakes, make a decision not to serve into oncoming traffic or the...
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    Random thought of the day

    Home schooling and working from home: Well I’m keeping the miles down on the passat. Only transportation: daily bike rides for Physical education class.
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    MIL ON - Code P048C

    Check Engine Light was illuminated Monday morning. My Settlement warranty ended about 3,000 miles ago. Bugged me the whole day. In the evening I scanned with VCDS and got the following code: 9162 - Sensor for Exhaust Flap P048C 00 [237] Implausible Signal I cleared the code and it...
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    NMS Birthday Mileage Roll call

    Born on Date: 1/2012 - 8yr old and 167,500 miles If anybody is interested. Post your mileage on your Passat birthday.
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    NMS Passat Future Values

    I have a 'big' spreadsheet where I am calculating Buyback and Fix Settlement scenerios. Basically: If I did the Buyback today, the Passat cost me $182/month (excluding fuel, maintenance, taxes, ect) If I do the Buyback in Sept 2018 that value is $145. If I take the fix settlement, the vehicle...
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    Rust-proofing wax

    Today is the first time I have understood what I was looking at several times while inspecting my NMS Passat. I saw some on the back of the headlights weeks after I bought the vehicle as used. I thought some of the magic was leaking out. They still worked so I ignored the issue. Poking...
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    Right Rear passenger carpet wet

    I've done the cursory 15 minutes of google searching for NMS water leaks. Question: can sunroof drains leak into right rear passenger footwell? Mine is slightly moldy and wet after a rain event. I notice extreme interior humidity. I chalked it up to Kansas summer. Additional background, 2...
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    900 mile Club

    First 900+ mile tank. 901.1 Miles. It took 17.946 gallons, but I'm not convinced that it filled completely. The next fillup will confirm. Drove about 20 miles beyond "Range: 0 miles". Not too bad, just doing the daily 75 mile round trip commute, no A/C windows rolled down.
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    CJAA vs CKRA vs CVCA

    The differences between these engines can be found with some searching. My question is what are your opinions of positive and negatives with respect to each engine. I'll go first. I think solenoid injectors are better than Piezo for long term durability. A separate pumped loop for...
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    NMS P026A and P0111 Code Diagnosis

    2012 Passat TDI SE Summary: Engine CEL, Ran Ross VCDS scan, discovered code P026A and P0111. Cleared. Did research. Ordered MAP sensor (G31). Engine CEL again. Ran Ross VCDS scan. Got same Codes. Cleared codes. Pulled sensor. Discovered greenish oil/water condensation froth. Cleaned sensor, and...
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    Drivers window switch auto up broken

    My drivers door window switch for driver window does not auto up anymore. The switch feels different than the other three. I suspect this switch has a mechanical failure within. The window goes up if I keep my finger on the switch. Auto down still works fine. Trying to see if anyone has had...
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    Cold air under dash when turning corners

    Super lame title, but explains the issue. Low ambient outside temperatures, Heater turned to windshield defrost. Heater not turned on for under dash area. Result: Cold air on legs when cornering. It seems like an HVAC damper is opening and letting cold ambient air in under the dash. Seems...