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    BEW died at stop light, cranks but won't fire or start

    I did as much research on the forum as I could and tried all the troubleshooting tips I could, but I haven't found anything yet. The problem: I was running errands up town, came out from the store, started the car and drove to the parking lot exit and the car died as I was approaching the stop...
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    PSI IPVWGEN for PD FS 2004-2009 $200

    I just pulled the PSI box off my 2004 BEW PD Jetta. It works good. I think it is currently set for a low power boost setting. I never messed with it and it was installed prior to me buying the car. I emailed PSI motorsports and they sent me instructions on how to adjust it. It's pretty simple. I...
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    Please post pic of left side of head BEW

    Can someone post a picture of the left side the the head on a BEW? I'm wondering what an undamaged head is supposed to look like where the cam engages the tandem pump. My pump drive failed and galled up the head pretty good. I don't know if I need to pull the head to see if it can be repaired or...
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    Picture of check engine light

    Can someone post a picture of the check engine light on a 2004 Jetta? Mine doesn't illuminate, I've never seen it as a matter of fact, but to get it smogged, I need to get it working. I pulled the cluster out but the only picture I see is a car with the hood open and it doesn't have an led...
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    Diesel in oil

    On my way home this morning my oil light came on. I pulled over and found the oil level very high, light 2-3 inches above normal! I called AAA and had it towed home. It looks like diesel is getting in the oil to me. I just changed the oil about 300 miles ago. How can I tell if it's diesel? And...
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    Max RPM for a BEW PD TDI

    I'm curious what kind of max rpm I should see while driving. I searched the threads and found information about hitting redline at above 5000 rpm while in neutral. I haven't tried that yet, but it seems if the engine won't do that there is a problem with the MAF. What about while driving...
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    Next Sacramento or NorCal GTG for maint?

    Dang, I missed the GTG on March 13th. I need a timing belt done this summer and possibly a clutch and maybe even a tune. Any plans for the next event in the area?
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    Black smoke even under mild acceleration

    HI. My 04 Jetta is putting out quite a bit of black smoke and the mileage is in the low 30s. It's a 5-speed that I just picked up. 109,000 on it. It looks stock but I'm curious about a small air line that is taped onto the large rubber hose that is inbetween the MAP sensor and the intake...