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  1. dustingebhardt

    2011 or 2014

    I'm in the market for a commuter vehicle again, after selling my 2010 JSW two years ago. I loved my '10. I see that my local car lots have a couple of JSW's to chose from, but I haven't kept up with the news around these vehicles since then, so I'd like to ask your opinions: 2011 JSW, $7500...
  2. dustingebhardt

    Free, >1 gal of silver DieselKleen in Tulsa

    I sold my TDI 2 years ago and I still have over 1 gallon of the silver DieselKleen. It's yours for free if you come and get it. I'm in Broken Arrow, near 71st and 129th.
  3. dustingebhardt

    FS: Genuine RossTech HEX-USB+CAN

    I sold my JSW and I no longer need my HEX+CAN USB cable. This will ship priority mail to anywhere in the USA. Payment is via paypal. I'm asking $300. Send me an email at dustin.gebhardt AT gmail DOT com.
  4. dustingebhardt

    Urgent help: my flywheel feels loose. Do I replace it?

    I'm knee deep into a clutch and slave cylinder replacement. My contact surface of the flywheel feels loose. With gentle pressure I can push it in towards the motor by about 2-4 mm. I can wobble the disc edges so that they make contact with the toothed flywheel plate, which is about 5mm. I...
  5. dustingebhardt

    Intake manifold flap motor replacement, but new part is different?

    My intake manifold flap motor had failed. After disconnecting it from the linkage, I cycled the ignition several times and the flap motor never moved. All of the incoming voltages looked good, according to a troubleshooting guide I found, so I purchased a new motor from But the...
  6. dustingebhardt


    I was driving home after my anniversary dinner with my wife last night on HWY 64 in Apex/Cary, NC, when we smelled something like kerosene coming from some vehicle far ahead of us in traffic. As I move up the line, I pass up a (lowered?) dark blue Jetta TDI with the license plate "DZLPOWER"...
  7. dustingebhardt

    Losing coolant?

    I have a '10 JSW TDI 6M with 74,000 miles. I've noticed over the past year that the orange engine coolant level seemed to be dropping, and then last week the alert showed up on the dash. I topped it off with new 50/50, but now I'm a bit concerned that I may have a head gasket leak or something...
  8. dustingebhardt

    6MT won't go into 1st, 2nd is difficult

    Earlier today, while driving through town, I could not get my transmission into 1st gear. I could push it in the direction of 1st gear, but it would never fully engage. I sat in a parking lot for a few minutes and I worked the pattern for a while. Eventually I was able to get it into 1st...
  9. dustingebhardt

    Grinding going into third gear

    I have a 2010 JSW TDI w/ 6 speed manual trans. For the past few months, I'm noticed my MT6 grinding when I shift into third gear. I'm not pushing it or forcing it, and the clutch pedal is down all the way. Even my wife commented on it when she drove it recently. The clutch feels normal, like...
  10. dustingebhardt

    12k mile oil change interval (not for the squeamish)

    Real life got in the way of my routine 10k mile oil change interval and I drove another 2k miles before I changed the oil and filter. After struggling with the Torx bolts holding the underbody panel on, I went to pull the filter. This is what I saw. Here is a bit more detail. It looks like...
  11. dustingebhardt

    Pano sunroof doesn't open up all the way

    I have a 2010 JSW with the panoramic sunroof. Last winter, we had a freezing rain event and somehow my sunroof mechanism broke. It was covered under warranty and I had it replaced. However, I don't think it is opening all the way when I only raise the rear of the panel. I seem to remember...
  12. dustingebhardt

    Return line filter for HPFP?

    Is it possible to add a filter on the HPFP return line? I'm assuming that the return line has virtually no pressure (ie, open at the fuel tank), but correct me if I'm wrong. Could you get a cheap inline fuel filter, cut into the hose, and install it?
  13. dustingebhardt

    HELP! Engine died shortly after fueling. HPFP?

    I'm typing this from a parking lot, waiting for the tow truck to arrive. My engine cranks, but won't catch and start. I refueled 1 mile ago and it seemed to run fine up until it died. Could this be a HPFP issue? My JSW has 45551 miles on it. I bought it used at 18k miles and I've run PS...
  14. dustingebhardt

    car alarm, remote start, 2-way communication recommendations?

    My 2010 JSW TDI was broken into last night. They took some belongings, but nothing I can't replace. I've been thinking about a 2-way responder, remote start, alarm system since I got the car. Now seems like a good time to make it happen. Any thoughts? Recommendations?
  15. dustingebhardt

    Bad rear wheel hub. Anybody replace one before?

    I have a 2010 JSW TDI and while taking a corner too aggressively, I impacted the curb with the rear left wheel/tire. I thought I had smashed it up pretty good, as I needed to turn the steering wheel almost 45' to get her to drive straight, and the ESP light was constantly on. The wheel was...