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    B-20 biodiesel in D.C

    Met a nice club member at the pumps on Monday filling up his '05 Golf w/Stage 2. See ya at the pumps nforkvw. 22JUL05 @ 1400 B20 @ $2.499/gal 0165560.01 Station side 0173099.78 Tank side
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    Jetta Wagon Oil Leak

    I wouldn't be surprised if you find something amiss. Before you advise VW, take some time to closely examine their work. I assume the new engine has a factory oil fill?
  3. 505.01 17-05-01 pg02

    505.01 17-05-01 pg02

  4. 505.01 Oil 17-05-10 pg01

    505.01 Oil 17-05-10 pg01

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    B-20 biodiesel in D.C

    23JUN05 @ 1300 B20 @ $2.409/gal.... holy- 0161317.48 Station side 0170437.50 Away from station
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    Jetta Wagon Oil Leak

    Sorry to hear and am interested to know the source of the leak. I noticed oil leaks at my 5K oil change. Around the oil pan seal, auto trans housing and dip stick funnel tube. The dealer resealed the pan with an excessive amount of sealant, ordered the wrong dip stick funnel tube and left an...
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    Dealer High Lubricity Engine Oil 505.01

    Good to hear. Cost is $5.31 a liter. I just want to be certain this oil is safe for an '04 PD TDI.
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    Dealer High Lubricity Engine Oil 505.01

    Does anyone have info on this product, as all search results were negative. The local dealer states this is repackaged Castrol 505.01, which was in a gray/silver container. Both have the same part# G 052 167 A2, but this mentions nothing about Pumpe-Düse. Thanks.
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    Mileage Stats with Various Additive Options

    Sorry, did you say 40oz. of Stanadyne to 15gals.
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    dipstick tube leak

    Man... sorry to hear you still have a leak. Krakonos has the right idea. You're sure the leak is not above the tube at the oil filter bracket/housing seal? The metal guide tube sits on the base of the block and it seems the leak would be most evident on the front of the oil pan.
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    They STOLE my emblem !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    Is that the same VW emblem that covers the lock housing? Search eBay for VW emblem.
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    dipstick tube leak

    The Bentley manual shows no evidence of the lower guide tube using a method of fastening to the block. Assuming your '01 Jetta is a 1.9 TDI, engine code ALH? Let us know if you can get the lower tube out. It might be a hassle.
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    Best Place to Buy Optima Redtop???

    Costco (a.k.a. PriceClub) has the red and blue top. The red top is $100.
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    dipstick tube leak

    On my '04 the lower tube appears to be metal. As bowlerman said, the plastic funnel tube just presses on. It's a snug fit so you may have to rock/twist the tube as you pull it off. From what I could tell when I was troubleshooting an oil pan leak, the lower tube is pressed into the block.
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    another newbie question

    I think they are Jetta/Golf and Passat designations. These may assist Abbreviations I enjoy the Tiptonic transmission and when left in normal auto mode, the computer adapts the shift patterns to your driving style.
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    Back door noise

    I think I read somewhere in the forums that members have used a light coating of silicon spray on the locking knobs. Just use a sparingly short spray in the hole. I guess it helps to dampen the knob from rattling. I have yet to try this, but it couldn't hurt.
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    dipstick tube leak

    The orange plastic dipstick funnel/guide on my '04 just presses on to the black metal guide tube at the block. To my surprise, there was no o-ring making the seal, just plastic to metal. I replaced mine under warranty and still see minor signs of oil leaking at the base of the funnel. It...
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    Back door noise

    You might want to try a search in the A4 and PD TDI forums, but it may just be the door locking knobs/indicators rattling. I have a little noise myself and tapping on them simulates a dull rattle which I occasionally hear.