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  1. turbo removal and vane cleaning

    turbo removal and vane cleaning

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    Bosch Alternator Rebuild Info

    found an ebay user that may be reputable, trimotors1e the actual store is trio motor IU based in latvia. heres a link to there store, bear in mind it needs translation from latvian, his reviews are all very positive.... lists brands with rebuild kits and such anyone...
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    VNT Repair Procedure

    so I just found a crack in the bearing housing of my vnt 15, guess it happened when the turbo shop removed the two halves for me. I was lucky and found the leak before installation, I suggest for anyone that has an older rusted car like mine (250k kms) to test for cracks and leaks around the...
  4. oil return line

    oil return line

  5. broken turbo

    broken turbo

    was broken at turbo shop taking it apart
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    vnt15 housing bolts

    going to try some 8.8 bolts from home depot, found this site called bolt depot with good info:
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    vnt15 housing bolts

    ive read that stainless will turn brittle due to continuous heat cycles...
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    vnt15 housing bolts

    don't have a us address, thanks for the reply though appreciate that, the bolts in question hold the exhaust side of the trubo to the exhaust manifold, there are five of them they are 5 or 6 mm in diameter and 10 mm deep and are 10mm hex heads. 3 have washers two that hold the vnt actuator...
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    vnt15 housing bolts

    hello everyone while doing a vnt cleaning I stripped off two housing bolts, does anyone know where I can find replacement bolts? they are the 6mm x 6 mm bolts on the exhaust side. I believe there 6x6 anyway... I found this kit and am willing to buy it if there are no other options...(just to...
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    VNT Repair Procedure

    hi guys, vehicle in question is a 2001 beetle, that sat in a driveway for a couple years without being driven, pretty rusty, 250k got the turbo out was wondering if I could get some quick advice as to whether to change the oil return line in the following pic: also anyone have any ideas...
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    turbo removal broken casing bolt what to do
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