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    FS used Mk 4 Panzer plate, unused glow plugs, oil filters... $50 OBO - Detroit

    SOLD FS used Mk 4 Panzer plate, unused glow plugs, oil filters... $50 OBO - Detroit SOLD . . 11 Mile and Woodward Used Mk 4 Panzer plate, sprayed with bedliner coating and foam for sound deadening. After running into a curb, the left curved part is bowed downward so it scrapes on speed bumps...
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    Installing 12V lighter socket in blank dash button on A4

    I've been using a cheap FM transmitter to to listen to podcasts while driving. Unfortunately, the way these devices are built, it is nearly impossible to read the screen when it's plugged into the A4 cigarette lighter. I am thinking of putting a second lighter socket in one of the blank...
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    What's different about gassers?

    After 13 years of owning an A4 TDI, I'm now stuck with an A4 gasser. For someone who's learned most of what he knows about these cars from this board, I'm probably making some assumptions about my newish car that are faulty, just because I've been trained from a diesel perspective. What...
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    What size bolts to attach rear bumper plates to body?

    I just took off my Euro bumper (had installed for the tow hitch), which has larger bolts that fit in different holes. I doubt I can find the original bolts, so I'll probably need to pick up new bolts at AutoZone, Napa, or even the dealer.
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    Meguiars QID wipes, solvent?

    I have heard that the Meguiars Quik Interior Detailing wipes are a good choice for the dashboard, since they leave more of a matte finish, not a shiny one like Armor All and some of the others. Seemed to work well enough when I tried it a year ago. Since then, the container has been...
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    Shock rot

    I started to replace my 13-year old rear shocks with new Bilsteins, and I discovered that the flexible sheath that covers the top of the shocks is rotting away. Is this something I should be concerned about?
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    99.5 side mirror - power?

    I'm looking to replace the side mirror assemblies on my Golf, and I've seen three words used to describe the side mirrors: power, heated, memory. Mine is heated, but the angle control lever is mechanical rather than electrical. What is memory? Assuming that "power" refers to electrical...
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    Any risk from use of Biobor biocide?

    Perusing an old thread to find my calculations on how much Biobor to add to a tank, I found this statement from member Genesis: Looking at my can of Biobor JF, it's 5% inert ingredients, 67.6% 2,2'-(1-methyltrimethylenedioxy)bis-(4-methyl-1,3,2-dioxaborinane), and 27.4%...
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    Fuel cap replacements - does generic from Wally World fit?

    Looking to replace the fuel cap for my 99.5 Golf, which runs $47 from Impex or $50 at the dealer. (part 1J0201550F) The Walmart caps all look the same - apparently there is a standard size and thread. But as we all know, VW is not about to let American standards get in the way of their design...
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    WTB: Fuel cap with slots (untethered)

    WTB: Fuel cap with slots This is for a 1999.5 Golf, but I don't think there was much variation for the next 8 or 9 years other than tethered vs slotted/untethered.
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    Are B5 armrests compatible with A4s, and vice versa?

    What the title says. I saw a Passat armrest online, and was wondering if that would work in my Golf. I'm guessing that Passat folks are more likely to know which parts are identical and different from A4s than Golf and Jetta owners are, which is why I posted here.
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    Clutch replacement questions

    At 292K, my 99.5 Golf's clutch is slipping. I recall people discussing the merits of Sachs vs Luk, and concluding that the 99.5 had a better clutch than later years because of that difference. My respected independent VW shop said it will replace the clutch for about $1500, using a clutch that...
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    Antenna length

    The stock antenna mast from my 99.5 Golf is getting ratty. Figuring all recent VW antennas are probably interchangeable, I ordered one from Amazon for ~$30. It turned out to be part 1J0 035 849E , listed on the VW label as "VAR.ANTENA" It also turned out to be about 2.5" longer than my stock...
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    Left rear clunk

    After hitting a decent-sized pothole last night, I heard a clunking noise from the left rear when hitting larger bumps. My initial thought was a broken spring, but on checking it today it seems fine. And in general, I'm able to bounce the rear of the vehicle up and down just fine...
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    Drier replacement

    Misplaced my Bentley and Haynes manuals, thought I'd just wing it, but I'm having trouble. Is there anything I should be removing to provide access, before trying to unscrew the 5mm Allen screw on the side clamp? It was a very tedious process using the "L" shaped Allen wrench, but the socket...
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    Anyone tried cutting the carpeted spare tire cover?

    I was just vacuuming my carpeted spare tire cover in the hatch of my 99.5 Golf, and remembering how much of a nuisance it always is to lift the cover to access the jack. The problem is that I store a bottle of Diesel Kleen, a few tools, and various other things neatly divided by Gorilla Grips...
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    How to repair Pela tube

    I used the Pela to suck gasoline out of a dead lawnmower the other day, and today when I used it on oil, the rubber tube cracked. Not sure if the two events are related or not. The device is about 6 years old, so the rubber may just be getting old. Is there any easy way to fuse the brake...
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    Locks don't work & no ignition; radio, headlights & blower fan fine

    Was unable to relock my car a few minutes ago, even manually. The fuel door lock also won't unlock. The engine also does not turn over at all. I thought there might be a battery problem, but the clock, the radio, the blower fan, and the headlights all seem to work fine. Actually, the radio -...
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    Caliper reset tool trapped in caliper!

    Waited too long to replace rear brake pads - was unable to slide my Harbor Freight caliper reset tool into position. With a little effort I used the wrench from my angle grinder to rotate the caliper. I was then able to get one knob of my caliper tool in place, but the other knob stayed firmly...
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    How to unbend skid plate?

    I went on vacation this past weekend, and annoyed by my hunger and the fact that the Mexican restaurant was closed at 10:15 even though the neon sign said "Open," I missed the fact that there was a curb directly in front of me in the parking lot. After scraping bottom a little more often going...