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    Is there a Bosch Settlement for Canada? doesn't like my canadian VIN.
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    Gen 2 Fix Approved

    Approved for DSG only. 6M's have to wait.
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    Will there be an Approved Fix for Pre 2016 NMS Passats?

    I'm wondering when the fix will be approved for those that are considering keeping their cars? What will the fix be? Re-flash of the ECU + def temp sensor+ more def usage? or maybe a larger DPF.
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    Xemodex "def / scr / urea / adblue tank repair & return"

    I came across this while searching for DSG Mechatonics units on ebay. It's $499CDN. You ship them your tank or if you want to pay for cheaper shipping, you just ship the heater assembly. Just to compare, my dealer...
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    I have been looking off/on for a hitch for our 2013 passat. I didn't like the curt hitch since it hangs off the bumper rebar. I found the ecohitch . It mounts to the body "frame" holes and then you mount the bumper rebar on top of it...
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    What's Left for VW to Extend Warranty on?

    Looks like the add-blue system is the last remaining item after the turbo and exhaust flap.
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    VoA: Passat receives a major facelift later in model year 2016 The biggest model update for 2016 will be a refreshed Passat, which will enter the lineup this fall. It receives refreshed styling and interior enhancements, plus a full-suite of technology and host of new driver assistance systems. ... The facelifted Passat...
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    Stinky Sunroof Drains

    I was noticing a musty smell in the car after it rained. The carpets in the car were not wet. I opened the sunroof and stuck my nose into the driver side front drain hole and sure enough there was the smell. I would have thought that the sunroof would have had a seal between the interior and...
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    Our 2013 NMS Passat Keeps Getting Speeding Tickets

    $210 from a Cop. $150 from a red light camera (2x) $210 from a mobile camera car 63Kph in a 50Kph Ug. Radar detectors are illegal where I live.
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    Looking for an Alternative to VW Heater Cord (5k0 965 539)

    I'm looking for an alternative to the VW coolant heater cord. I damaged it last year and today I destroyed the cord. Dealer wants to $148 for a replacement. Since i didn't learn my lesson the first time, I will probably destroy/damage that one too or the plug in the bumper. I'm wondering...
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    TSB for Canadian Coolant

    Brought our 2013 in for it's 1st service today. I was told that there is a TSB for the coolant. I'll get the number later when I pickup the car. A couple of weeks ago, I tested the coolant because I had to add some before a 4K road trip. It was rated for -22C. Apparently it will be corrected...
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    Soot on Body [road grime]

    I recently completed a 3600KM roadtrip and noticed some soot on the body of the car. It was raining for atleast 8 hours of driving. I used the torque app and noticed at least 3 regens. Anyone else notice any soot build up? How should I clean it?
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    Grill Air Intake

    Got my car back from a front end collision. The grill air intake was damaged and was replaced. I was looking at the intake and it looks rather interesting. Air seems to come from the top of the front grill AND also from the engine bay. There is also an arrow pointing to a hole in the intake...
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    Have a Picture of the NMS Intercooler?

    Just wondering what it looks like. My car is being repaired for a front end colision so I can't take a look.
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    RNS-510 Adding Points of Interest (eg: Speed Camera!)

    1) Get the POI's from The subscription is $7. Download the gfx file. I downloaded the speed camera locations. There might be other free sources or even better sources. 2) Download It's on the right side. 3) Read the pdf...
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    New Continental RNS-510 FW

    Ver 4366 See!-rns-510-update-4366-incoming!!! Looks like the dealer will not have it unless they have an aggreement with Continental. If Peter does a group buy I'm in BUT at $189 i'm not. --------------- Moderator Note: Please see the...
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    Crystals on Amp Bracket

    Do you have crystals on your amp under the drivers seat? I don't think it's DEF since the stainless screw seem immune to the crystals. I checked the trunk and there are no crystals there. The crystals seem to be on the amp mounting plate only.
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    NMS Park Assist

    What Park Assist does Bold-sport seems to have the: NMS Park Aid Button NMS Park Assist Button...
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    6MT City Driving

    I have noticed that I get better CITY mileage when I keep the RPMs over 2000 RPM and ignore the upshift indicator. Anyone else notice this?
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    -24.5C/-12.1F Startup

    It was -24.5C/-12.1F this morning. I wasn't able to plug in the car. So it sat for 12hrs in the cold. The airport was reporting the same temperature. It was -35 with the windchill(which doesn't mater for cars). Some have asked for startup video in the cold. Here you go...