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  1. Dustin's TDI

    Dustin's TDI

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  2. dustingebhardt

    2011 or 2014

    I'm in the market for a commuter vehicle again, after selling my 2010 JSW two years ago. I loved my '10. I see that my local car lots have a couple of JSW's to chose from, but I haven't kept up with the news around these vehicles since then, so I'd like to ask your opinions: 2011 JSW, $7500...
  3. dustingebhardt

    Free, >1 gal of silver DieselKleen in Tulsa

    I sold my TDI 2 years ago and I still have over 1 gallon of the silver DieselKleen. It's yours for free if you come and get it. I'm in Broken Arrow, near 71st and 129th.
  4. dustingebhardt

    FS: Genuine RossTech HEX-USB+CAN

    I sold my JSW and I no longer need my HEX+CAN USB cable. This will ship priority mail to anywhere in the USA. Payment is via paypal. I'm asking $300. Send me an email at dustin.gebhardt AT gmail DOT com.
  5. dustingebhardt

    TDI Used Oil Lab Analyses Results & Discussions

    Looks fine to me. I'd stick with the 10k intervals for another 20k or 30k miles. My metals would jump up a lot when I went to 12k intervals with the engine under 75k miles on it.
  6. dustingebhardt

    Urgent help: my flywheel feels loose. Do I replace it?

    It will be replaced. Sometimes it helps to step back and take the emotional response out of the equation. Yes, it is more money. Yes, the wifey is nagging me to get her spot in the garage back. Yes, it is more downtime without my vehicle and in a econobox rental car. But it some guy asked...
  7. dustingebhardt

    Urgent help: my flywheel feels loose. Do I replace it?

    I'm knee deep into a clutch and slave cylinder replacement. My contact surface of the flywheel feels loose. With gentle pressure I can push it in towards the motor by about 2-4 mm. I can wobble the disc edges so that they make contact with the toothed flywheel plate, which is about 5mm. I...
  8. dustingebhardt

    Jetta Sport Wagon Pano Roof Rear Drain Location?

    I did mine a few months ago. The rears were more difficult, but it was doable in an hour or so. My side cubbies and spare tire well used to be full of water. Now they are bone dry. I used basic white/clear silicone adhesive from the auto parts store.
  9. dustingebhardt

    TDI Used Oil Lab Analyses Results & Discussions

    Don't worry about the high iron. My TDI had high iron up until 85k miles.
  10. dustingebhardt

    What tires did you replace your stock Conti's with???

    I'm at 128k miles and my Conti Extreme DW tires were due for a change. I went with the DWS's because I was frustrated with the DW's poor performance in the recent snowfall here in NC. Granted, my DWs were worn down to almost the wearbars AND they are summer-only tires, but I wanted to give the...
  11. dustingebhardt

    Passenger Side Rattle at Speed

    I have a rattle coming from the passenger-side visor. The shutter that covers the mirror rattles at around 3K RPM. If I open the shutter, the rattle goes away. I leave the shutter open normally, couting on the visor position switch to turn off the vanity lights.
  12. dustingebhardt

    Inside Heat problem :(

    I had a heat problem, too. My cabin filter was last changed in the fall. I looked at the install and it wasn't done correctly. In hindsight, I was trying to teach my boys how to do routine car maintenance and I didn't follow up myself after my boy told me that he had installed it correctly...
  13. dustingebhardt

    P2015 intake manifold flap fix how-to

    Jim, I editted my post to make is clearer that my install process appears to be nontypical. I do want to say thanks for making this part, and it appears to be working well. In regards to the hammer use, I used a small hammer and very light force when adjusting the part. One edge of your...
  14. dustingebhardt

    Starting trouble

    You can take your vehicle to most auto parts stores and they can do a load test on the battery. I replaced mine back in August.
  15. dustingebhardt

    2010 Jetta Battery

    I bought a group H6 (aka BCI Group 48) with 735CCA, 70Ah, and 120min reserve capacity. It is an AGM type.
  16. dustingebhardt

    Remote start install???

    I bought an aftermarket Clifford 2-way Responder alarm with remote start on my 2010 JSW with the 6MT. It works fine on warm days. It doesn't have any allowance for glow plug warm up, so it will frequently fail to start on cold mornings, although it tries to start several times before finally...
  17. dustingebhardt

    P2015 intake manifold flap fix how-to

    I got my Dieselgeek part on Saturday and installed it right away. Here are some takeaways: I was surprised by how high up this part created the stop for the motor arm. When I tried making my own stop by drilling and tapping the zinc motor body,I only pushed the motor arm up by about 2mm (3/32")...
  18. dustingebhardt

    P2015 intake manifold flap fix how-to

    I've been tracking my mileage with Fuelly for almost 100k miles. I've averaged 41mgp and I haven't noticed any major change. For the past several months, I've averaged around 39.5mpg, so I wouldn't consider this a big difference.
  19. dustingebhardt

    P2015 intake manifold flap fix how-to

    Nothing noticable. The engine seems to run fine with no noticable effect on mileage, power, or drivability. However, I will say that twice in the past month, I've had instances where I give the go-pedal a strong push and nothing happens, except a bunch of smoke (soot? steam? fuel?) comes out...