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  1. Yeahdude38

    2002 Lifted Beetle ALH

    Selling my 2002 Lifted Beetle TDI. 210k. Unfortunately it an auto, but shifts great with no issues. All work done by a TDI specialist with all receipts (Schnell Snail Performance. Trusted TDI member GTiTDI). The stock suspension and 16" tires/wheels are included. Any questions, you can PM me...
  2. Yeahdude38

    Darkside Alh Race Pipe

    Got this at Fest 2015. Unfortunately, I got the wrong one. I am in need of the PD150 race pipe. I will trade it for the proper one or sell it for $75 shipped. Sent from my SM-N920V using Tapatalk
  3. Yeahdude38

    ALH Race Pipe

    Brand new from Darkside Performance. Got at 2015 Fest. Looking to trade for a PD Race Pipe. Sent from my SM-N920V using Tapatalk
  4. Yeahdude38

    WTB: Passat B5 Front End Parts

    Posted on the vortex regionals but seeing if theres any luck over here as well. Like Title states, Needing In Silver Color.... looking for a front bumper cover, pass fender, and pass corner light turn signal assembly ASAP. Got hit in the front end, and insurance is taking forever. Located on...
  5. Yeahdude38

    99 passat wagon (not TDI but story attatched)

    So picked this 99 passat wagon 1.8t up for the wife today. WVW vin :thumbup: and only 22k original miles. Old man owned it since new. Couldnt find her a cheap enough tdi and she needs an auto. Anyways here it is. Soooooo wont you beleive. I got the plates and literally not even 5 minures of...
  6. Yeahdude38

    ALH Parts for Sale

    All Parts from a 03 Jetta ALH. All parts are OBO. willing to negotiate. Everything is Located in Cape Cod, MA. Feel Free to PM me for more info or pics. Buyer pays shipping or can meet up within reasonable distance. VNT15 Turbo - SOLD Camshaft (110k) - $25 Stock Suspension (95k) - $65 Oil...
  7. Yeahdude38

    03 Jetta

    Hey guys. Signed up here january of last year and finally got my first TDI for $5800. So its time to start posting finally. Traded my 02 1.8t jetta in and got this. 134k on the clock with timing belt just done before purchase and a few other things. After looking at a few of my buddies (GTiTDi +...