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  1. k1xv

    TDIclub Secret Society of BMW Owners (SSBMWO)

    I have a 2013 E70 X5 diesel with the standard seats. They are the most comfortable seats for long distance driving I have experienced in over 50 years of driving. And in my cold climate, the seat heaters warm quickly but never get uncomfortably "hot". The climate control works well also. I...
  2. k1xv

    VW's Oliver Schmidt Gets 7 Years in Prison for Dieselgate Role

    While the VW executives may be safe from extradition so long as they remain within Germany, if they venture to a third country with an extradition treaty with the USA, they run the risk of arrest and extradition. Gee whiz, these guys were "only following orders".
  3. k1xv

    Mazda still in the diesel game?

    Remember folks, tomorrow is always a day away.
  4. k1xv

    VW TDI goodwill package: Offers $500 Visa cards & $500 dealer credits to TDI owners

    When I got these cards, I viewed them as found money and did not want to waste them. So, ASAP, I used the unrestricted VISA card to prepay one of my utility bills. The VW one, I used to buy tires for my other car. Both went to zero balance very quickly.
  5. k1xv

    Registration / tags at turn in?

    In Vermont, I drove the car in, with a live registration and plates. I removed the plates and kept the registration card at turn in, but I did surrender the paper title document used to transfer ownership of a car. If you drive in with license plates that you intend to remove, be sure in...
  6. k1xv

    HELP! $900 Repair After 2009 TDI Modification Fix

    This is among the reasons I chose to sell back my 09 Jetta. The rest of the car is nine model years old.
  7. k1xv

    bmw x5 diesel info

    They like to be driven. 5 mile commutes are not the appropriate use of this engine. Same engine as the 335d, but because it is such a more massive vehicle, the engine works a bit harder, and is happier for it. Had my 2013 happily cruising down the Interstate today @ 80 mph.
  8. k1xv

    2.0 Gen 1 post fix impressions, issues, etc.

    As the DSG gear ratios did not change, and there is no torque converter, how can the revs be slightly higher at cruising speed?
  9. k1xv

    The recent 'Harvey' fuel price spike

    The price increases respond to trading prices on the New York Mercantile Exchange. Traders in the commodity contracts include banks and others who have nothing whatsoever to do with refining and distributing fuel. It would not surprise me to see prices back down substantially by the end of...
  10. k1xv

    Buy back taxable income?

    It makes a difference because it was a for profit enterprise, engaged in for the purpose of making a profit, as opposed to a casual sale that resulted in an incidental profit. Some accountants would tell you that even the latter situation should be taxable, but ALL accountants would tell you...
  11. k1xv

    Buy back taxable income?

    If you previously depreciated the car on your tax return, then indeed what you receive is technically taxable income. If you engaged in buying cars from others for the purpose of participating in the program, and they were not your personal car, then your profit on each car should be viewed as...
  12. k1xv

    Who got the payment from BOSCH?

    The DOJ was never a party to the Bosch suit, and therefore not a party to its Settlement. Therefore, it had no role, and could do nothing other than forward your complaint to the private attorneys representing Bosch plaintiffs. As stated in the last two sentences in the answer to FAQ one...
  13. k1xv

    My 2010 Jetta went to the smelter

    I checked the website again today, and there is no indication that my 09 Jetta with 78,000 miles has moved beyond the June report of being in Michigan. I sold it back early on, last December. Maybe its a "last in, first out" lot for selecting cars for today's scrap yard visit. As I was an...
  14. k1xv

    Who got the payment from BOSCH?

    The DOJ only forwarded an e-mail erroneously sent to them. They added no "clout".
  15. k1xv

    40 months in prison

    Wonder if he will remain an employee and on the payroll while he serves his time. If they pay his fine for him, the IRS would likely view that as taxable personal income.
  16. k1xv

    Turn in Tips

    The closer VW gets to achieving the minimum settlement goals for buy backs and fixes, the more selective they can become.
  17. k1xv

    New OEM Toyota deformed air filter should I use? Photo inside

    Those little wavy ripples in the rubber end piece make no difference, as that surface is pressed against and conforms itself to, its hard mating surface. They all pretty much look like that.
  18. k1xv

    VW Executive pleads guilty

    He was already in prison, without bond, awaiting trial.
  19. k1xv

    What's the Chance of Seeing 2019 TDIs in a Year?

    Zero to nil.
  20. k1xv

    2.0 Gen 1 fix approved

    I turned in a much cleaner than average 09 Jetta with 78K miles on it. I figured it would get crushed for sure. Well, one of those VIN checking sites placed it in Michigan with 78K miles as of mid June. I figure if they were going to crush it, they would have done it by now.