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  1. bulabula

    Runaway engine - A4

    I had quite a ride late this afternoon. I've got a Golf with 234k on the clock, that has been running in limp mode; but with vacation, travel, work, etc I haven't had a chance to look at it. But I've been averaging 51 mpg commuting back and forth into DC with it so I wasn't THAT concerned...
  2. bulabula

    I drove til my fuel guage was under the Red

    I had a spare gallon of fuel sitting in the trunk and felt gutsy. Since it was rush hour traffic in the metro DC area, I didn't feel gutsy enough to drive until I was sucking air; but when I stopped for fuel, the fuel guage was under the Red Empty marking. Not that I condone driving it down to...
  3. bulabula

    Nailed by the tint police in VA

    While driving on I-64 near Willamsburg, VA, a VA Highway patrolman pulled me over for a tint check. I have the 20% tint package installed. He said to roll the windows down halfway and slipped the detector over the window. It wasn't even close. When asked about my options, he said I could...
  4. bulabula

    Engine hour meter?

    Do our Jetta's have a built-in engine hour meter like my Dodge CTD does?
  5. bulabula

    New Jetta TDI in Maryland

    Just wanted to say hi and let everyone know I finally joined their ranks with a TDI. I bought a new White '06 Jetta TDI, 5MT, Pkg 1 on July 3rd and am having a blast driving it. This isn't my first new car, nor my first diesel, but it is my first VW. I've been a lurking member here mostly...