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  1. nois

    Drive to Oregon

    Driving to Astoria to spend time with friends. We're traveling I-80, I-15, I-84. Any tips, warnings, or recommendations for us? I am not expecting the weather to present any travel issues through the mountains this weekend. Does anyone carry extra fuel on long trips for the unexpected (like a...
  2. nois

    1998 Jetta TDI 5spd Black FS $2,000 O.B.O. in Gibson City, IL

    SOLD 4/23/10 My wife is interested in selling her 1998 Jetta. She bought this car new twelve years ago. It is a 5 speed manual, 4 cyl. TDI with 157,200 miles and runs great. Drivetrain condition: Engine runs great. TB has been replaced twice. Oil changes have been regular at 3-5k miles, I've...
  3. nois

    MK3 FS 1998 Jetta TDI

    Sold Odometer: 192k mi. Color: Red Asking $3,100 I am the second owner - bought it March 2006 at 167k mi from post on TDIclub: Mechanical condition and history: Good running condition - still used regularly. During my ownership, I have done...
  4. nois

    Possibly damaged EGR valve?

    Previous Owner had intake manifold cleaned 20k miles ago. I wonder if the integral EGR valve was damaged in the cleaning process - I am having the following symptoms: 1. CEL: intermittent egr control difference, on for about 20 days 2. Noise: when it makes the noise it happens immediately...
  5. nois


    intermittent EGR control I have noticed low fuel economy averages. 40 - 41 mpg regardless of the terain, AC use, speeds (~68 mph on one whole test of 350+ mi. with vented tank; 80 mph on another). Code for intermittent EGR is present, and noticed some blow-by in the oil fill... I am...
  6. nois

    Diesel Ford Windstars in Canada

    Has Ford sold a diesel Windstar minivan in Canada? Know of any junkyards that may have some old ones?
  7. nois

    12V DC to 120V AC Adaptor

    Have any of you used the cig. lighter power adapters that convert 12V DC to 120V AC 120watt? My wife has a little electric cooler that keeps her medicine cool on long roadtrips. I would also like to operate a laptop from this power source periodically. I obviously don't want to damage the...
  8. nois

    Wanted: good car

    I've been looking at the history of a particular car. can anyone suggest any other good cars to check out? I'll let you know how they look. Please email me
  9. nois

    Warm start - High rev

    One of our '98 Jettas seems a little excited about re-starting after having been driven round town. When the engine is hot/warm, re-start is often followed by a rev up to 2800 rpm or so before promptly returning to normal idle speed. No problems on a cold start. Is this indicative of...
  10. nois

    A3 vag-com Diagnostic port location

    Where is the DLC located in an A3 Jetta? Thanks.
  11. nois

    2003 Corolla CE vs '98 Jetta TDI

    I bought this vehicle as a work transport until I could find another VW Jetta (TDI diesel). Last week I finally found what I was looking for and now I would like to sell my Corolla. It is in great shape mechanically and aesthetically. Here are some details: VIN: 1NXBR32E73Z055885 Mileage...
  12. nois

    wtb: A3 Dash tile

    I'm searching for a '98 Jetta OEM BLACK dash tile (called an accent trim) that fits directly to the right side of the radio and underneath the right, center vent. I found dash kits on ebaymotors, but would prefer just the one piece. None of the junkyards around here have any resident jettas...
  13. nois

    WTB: A3 Jetta/Golf TDI

    Looking for an A3 model Jetta or Golf, possibly a Passat TDI in good condition near Chicago.
  14. nois

    2003 Jetta GLS TDi 5spd

    Platinum gray / gray interior Leather seats & multi-function steering wheel Heated front seats Monsoon audio Power sunroof 47,500 miles I am asking 16,400 obo. clear title photographs and VIN available
  15. nois

    LCD odometer/clock short & Failed Alternator

    Related Problems?: August - The LCD odometer and clock temporarilly "shorted out". Twice. September - failed alternator I suppose the cause of the LCD problem was a result of the reaction between exceptionally hot, humid outside air with the cold dry air in the cockpit as I rolled down the...
  16. nois

    loose steering and pull - '03 Jetta

    loose steering and pull - \'03 Jetta A couple weeks ago, I traded my '02 Jetta for an '03. The steering in the '03 seems to have like an inch of 'play' where the steering wheel can be turned and no response - i can feel both boundaries when the steering wheel is turned and the wheels start to...
  17. nois

    tradin time

    If all goes as planed, I'll be the new caretaker for an '03 Jetta. I got my first TDI last July; an '02 Jetta Automatic. It took me all the way from Clinton, IL to the Grand Canyon, the Golden Gate, the Space Needle, some mounties ('eh), over the Rokies (w/chains), Mt. Rushmore and back home...
  18. nois

    rim center caps

    Do the center caps on the standard alloy wheels just pop off with a pry? I need to check to see if i have standard lugs or locking lugs... I'm thinking about having Wallyworld put new tires on - is this a mistake?
  19. nois

    EGR sys. recalibration @ 44k mi....

    I imagine that the amount of clogation in the air intake sys. varies by locale and environment... but; would you go ahead and get the EGR sys. recalibrated with the vagcom and NOT worry about cleaning out the sludge that has accumulated sofar? I'm not that knowledgeable about the average...
  20. nois

    vagcom - lock doors while running...

    may sound odd... is there a code setting that allows the doors to lock while a key is in the ignition/engine running? I've read some posts that describe the preference settings that vagcom can change but this one wasn't mentioned. Thanks