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  1. Hornblower

    Mystery Nut

    I know this is a long shot but can anyone identify this nut? During my last oil change (2010 Jetta TDI MK5), when I dropped the plastic belly pan, I found the special-looking nut pictured above sitting in the pan. I searched and searched under the engine area to see where it might have come...
  2. Hornblower

    LED DRL's

    I've done some searching but haven't found the details for doing what I have in mind. First off, my OEM headlight switch is only off-on. Rather than change that, what I want to do is install LED DRL's and wire them so they are always on anytime the engine is running. I had previously disabled...
  3. Hornblower

    Humming noise on '10 TDI DSG

    I have a '10 Jetta TDI DSG with about 10K miles so far. From the beginning, I have noticed a "humming" noise coming from the engine compartment that becomes louder at higher RPM's. It may be my imagination, but I seem to detect a slight amount of vibration as well. At any rate, I start noticing...