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  1. bulabula

    1999 golf gls tdi for sale

    I know this car and it's a good one. Sent from my Nexus 5X using Tapatalk
  2. bulabula

    DC/Baltimore area social/lunch GTG - February 21, 2015 @ noon

    Route 50 is fine. I drive it daily. The only time it can be a pain is heading East towards the Bay Bridge near Annapolis in the summer when you can get some pretty hefty back-ups. No issues for today (barring any snow related incidents).
  3. bulabula

    DC/Baltimore area social/lunch GTG - February 21, 2015 @ noon

    If we get 12", I'll drive the Dodge; else I'll bring the Golf (I need to try out the snow's).
  4. bulabula

    Marvin's muffler shop, Baltimore

    Thank you - Appreciate the report.
  5. bulabula

    Nissan forums like TDIClub?

    Is it throwing any codes? Sent from my DROID RAZR using Tapatalk 2
  6. bulabula

    European TDIs get 68.9 MPG?

    I didn't read this entire thread real close, but I'm visiting family in Denmark, and my cousins Volvo S50 1.6 l diesel auto shuts off at red lights to conserve fuel. Btw, fuel here is about $8/gallon. Sent from my DROID RAZR using Tapatalk 2
  7. bulabula

    NEED a 2001 TDI Engine

    I found one here in the classifieds.
  8. bulabula

    idle changes with blinker

    When you say the grounds are secure (eyeball inspection?), or have you literally removed them, cleaned them and reattached? If you have a spare grounding strap cable available, connect it to battery and an alternate ground somewhere in the engine bay to see if that corrects it. My neighbor was...
  9. bulabula

    Flashing Glow Plug Light

    Mine started to blink today on the A4Golf, it looks like it was caused by an airbag code. We cleared the code and the blinking stopped. (Brake lights working). Edit Tuesday pm: blinking returned today on the ride home from work; and I don't have brake lights.... (not a good thing in rush hour...
  10. bulabula

    Will 205/65/15 Tires work on my 2005 MK1V Jetta Tdi wagon

    Sorry bout that tdicolby - I was thinking you had an A5 (even if you put MKIV in the title....). I like running taller tires these days. But if its a good deal - I'd buy those tires in a heartbeat for an A4. I wouldn't sweat .39mm wider.
  11. bulabula

    Will 205/65/15 Tires work on my 2005 MK1V Jetta Tdi wagon

    They'll fit fine. I'm running that size of tire on steelies right now - on my A5 Jetta. No rubbing. edit: they'll fit fine with stock brake rotors up front. I understand that if you backfit some larger rotors up front, the 15" wheels don't provide enough room for them.
  12. bulabula

    rear brake caliper problem

    Hmmm, I've had the same issue with my Jetta. Thanks for posting this.
  13. bulabula

    Crownsville, MD mini-social GTG 1/14/2012

    I've been roughing it here in Coronado this week; looking forward to seeing you guys!
  14. bulabula

    Crownsville, MD mini-social GTG 1/14/2012

    Bob, I'll be there.
  15. bulabula

    Tires in Annapolis

    I have a friend who wasn't interested in the tirerack/discount tires method - until she saw how much money she saved. If she works at Ft Meade, the guys at the base auto hobby shop can mount/balance them for a very decent price.
  16. bulabula

    New Passat TDI confirmed for U.S.

    This thread sounds worse than many threads I see in the political forums. I heard the same kind of logic when I was debating on getting 4WD for my Dodge truck. You don't need it, yada yada yada. You should have seen the soldier at Ft Meade smile when I pulled his truck out of a snow covered...
  17. bulabula

    Grenaded Engine

    I found a good ALH engine here on this forum when my engine ran-away in the Golf. Total cost out of my pocket for the change out door to door was $3600, and that includes an overnight road trip to Buffalo with my son to pick up the engine and bring it home, and renting a tow dolly to take the...
  18. bulabula

    Will not rev at all in drive..don't make me walk

    Is there smoke, or no smoke? Can you hear the turbo whistle? Being an automatic (I don't have one) could there be an interface/wiring issue introduced during the repairs that is holding it back? Is the guy who did the TB and head work the same guy who verified everything again? My gut says...
  19. bulabula

    Should I get a salvage title 02 Jetta looks good?

    Smiles, I would not let my 21 year old daughter buy that car for that amount. I grew in St Clair Shores and Port Huron and still have lots of family there - you can find better deals than that to drive cross country (even if it ISN'T a TDI). Lots of good advice above. If you're dead set on...
  20. bulabula

    Aligning doors on a golf - how to

    Nice timely thread for me. My driver's side door is a bit low; I've taken to lifting up the door when I close it.