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    Fahrvergnügen with 2017 Cruze Diesel stickshift

    I'm back into a stickshift diesel thanks to GM, after 4 pre-2007 VW TDIs, 2 stick 2 slushbox. I've put 9900 miles on it in the 3 months since I bought it, including through 10F blizzard conditions trapped for hours on I-90 in Fort Erie, PA. OTD cost was $17260 due to a 25% off MSRP deal...
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    I traded my A5 Jetta TDI for a....

    I traded my A5 Jetta TDI for a : Chevy Cruze LS M6. How many people are trading their A5 TDIs now? Lots of reasons for it but arithmetic was a big part, as was psychology: I wanted to eliminate the worry about the pending/needed known-maintenance and the known-unknown maintenance and...
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    engine cover broken

    dealer service dept reports 2006 jetta engine cover is broken. $140 for the part to replace it. Is there a compelling reason to replace it, or even to have it in place whether broken or not?
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    TDI approved racer

    Here's an interview with a TDI racer from Lexington MA:
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    Sirius Radio display scroll accept/decline

    Has anyone gotten the sirius radio display to scroll text, so we can see the full NFL scores. There's a menu-setting where one can accept/decline the scroll/no-scroll option after reading a warning about it being distracting. But no matter how I set it, the sirius channel text never scrolls...
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    jettablue tdi will/will-not achieve EPA 60 mpg highway

    to achieve 60 mpg or not to achieve 60 mpg, that is the question. or, predict the epa highway mpg of the new jettablue TDI with any/either transmission.
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    sirius channel names / scrolling the display?

    is there a way to configure the sirius display so it scrolls the "song" info - so we can see entire sports scores and full names of songs? it's sort of annoying to only see the score for one of the teams playing, or only the first digit of the score for the second team. also why won't my...
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    knocking on cold start, very difficult hot-start

    armchair mechanics, here's your chance to strut your stuff. my wild-donkey-guess is that somehow the timing is way off. my 06 jetta 5-spd runs fine once started but has such difficulty with hot-starts that i've parked it, awaiting dealer-visit next week. also it makes a heavy single-knock/rap...
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    etiquette of POWERED BY BIODIESEL bumper sticker?

    During a recent commute from boston to silicon valley I was fortunate to fill up with TWO percent from-soy biodiesel in nebraska. This prompted me to wonder whether I might legitimately attach to the car an enormous POWERED BY BIODIESEL rear window sticker, or a Willie Nelson bobble-head, or a...
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    a5 buck/cough on highway during lift/feather go-pedal

    i've finished my boston->SanJose commute and this year took 06 jetta TDI 5-spd with 28k miles. fuel filter & oil had just been changed, fuel-filter had been clogged causing coughing under load during my raleigh->boston return-commute 2 weeks ago. most of the drive is with cruise control set...
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    what happens if I use Castrol 505.01 as fuel

    Is it ok in a pinch if I run my TDI on motor oil just for a little while, let's say, to limp to the supermarket to pick up some canola oil for a more extended journey? If I have to use motor oil for fuel, best to go with the 0W , lightest viscosity? This could have easily been a poll, so...
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    dealer says 40k DSG oil change unnecessary

    the service rep is telling me that inspecting the oil/level is all that's necessary - no DSG service required on our 06 newbeetle with 42k miles ? can that be right? waiting for a callback now...
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    rough idle, 5-spd

    my A5 sometimes bounces around absurdly while idling at a stoplight. seems like it does it more in warm weather. a dose of powerservice white didn't seem to help. no problems on the highway, all the power is there that's supposed to be. sometimes i think i feel it idling rough while i putt...
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    a HAMMER TIME Poll

    hello. this is a poll about whether/how-often you put the hammer all the way down on your TDI. (consider the poll choices reworded to have the word "about" substituted for "less than"). thank you for your time and attention and for driving a TDI, /e
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    Can A5 wipers be parked in "ice storm" position

    Can the A5 wipers be parked in a position where I can lift them off of the windshield, as is necessary during an ice storm? From what I am observing, the software in the car will not let me do this, it always returns the wipers to the "home/off/twitchy" position. This seems to be a bug and...
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    reduced TDI soot/smoke with ULSD?

    has ULSD reduced the amount of soot that you & tailgators can see from your TDI exhaust? i think soot/smoke is reduced but cannot be sure. i do know that i can still put a sootcloud onto tailgators in many situations and that the rear bumper of my 06 jetta continues to accrue a beautiful...
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    A5 wiper twitch

    when i shut down engine of my 06.5 A5, i see the passenger wiper making a little jump such that it ends up slightly above it's off position. this occurs even when i shut down with wipers off. do any of you wiper-gearhead diesel geeks out there know where's the fahvnerhugen with that? is it...
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    A5 fueltank-neck-restrictor is the focus of evil in the modern world

    aside from the fueltank-neck-restrictor and a few other quirks, my 2006.9 A5 5-spd pkg 2 TPMS Sirius is perfect so far - zero observable defects. the 3-turn-signal-flash thing is annoying. i hope it can be vag-commed into oblivion. also, being a TDI-obsessed premature refuelinator, i had to...
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    Z1/Zebra fuel station in NH

    hi. i know i'm TDI-obsessed because i've been eyeballing a new fuel station under construction in NH at exit 11, everett tpk, watching each day to see if i can determine what sort of station it is, and whether it will have diesel. there's only one other station at this exit and its prices are...
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    new englanders, want to reserve an 06 5-spd pkg 2?

    i've reserved an 06 5-spd pkg 2 silver jetta tdi at a dealership in NH. satellite radio, TPMS. this dealer never sells above MSPR, which is 26900 in this case. it should arrive oct 1. i'm basically going to toss a coin, heads i trade our SUV for jetta, tails i keep SUV and decline to take...