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  1. Lane_S

    MK4 Jetta 2.0 gasser part out - Altoona PA

    Posting this for an acquaintance. Silver MK4 Jetta 2.0 engine auto tranny. Glove Box and front bumper parts spoken for. Rest is there. Leather interior. Fellows name is Brian and his phone number is 814-207-6749. Tell him Lane sent you. If anyone in east PA needs anything I'm going to a wedding...
  2. Lane_S

    WTB: Alternator & Black Glovebox 2003 Jetta

    Looking for a working Alternator and a black glove box for my 2003 Mk4 Jetta. I'm located in Hastings PA zip 16646. Thanks.
  3. Lane_S

    Cooling Fan's not working.

    For the past 2 years I had an issue with low coolant temps which I guessed might be a bad thermostat. This month I replaced the thermostat with a 195 Deg. unit and changed to Evans waterless coolant. I also made sure to test the AC/Fan issue as described in another thread. I have Ultraguage to...
  4. Lane_S

    Brush Guard on a Jetta???

    I know this may sound odd but since I started my new job last year, I've seen more whitetail deer in one year than the whole 11 years I drove for my last job. I already hit one with a 2014 Passat loaner and frequently miss many others with the Jetta. Its getting to the point of getting paranoid...
  5. Lane_S

    FS: Eastern Catalytic CAT

    For sale. Eastern Catalytic #75330 Diesel CAT Converter 3" pipe. I bought this with my 3" Kerma TDI System in case it wouldn't pass inspection but all went well and is not needed. New, never been used, and asking $95.00 Shipped to you. Feel free to ask any questions.
  6. Lane_S

    Asking for Prayers

    Asking for prayers for my wife Deb. Last Moday the 7th she went in for basic sinus surgery. Tuesday night she was life flighted to UMPC Presbyterian in Pittsburgh for emergency surgery for spinal fluid leakage caused by the Monday operation. Shes really sick and not responding yet and as tough...
  7. Lane_S

    For Rent: ALH Timing Belt Tools

    I have a Metalnerd 7 pc set timing belt tool set for rent for the ALH motor. $45.00 for three weeks plus return shipping. Contact me for details. I will make a donation to the club with each rental.
  8. Lane_S

    FREE: MK4 Oil Drain Plugs

    Gone: MK4 Oil Drain Plugs Given away! Not sure if anyone actually could use these but I have 3 oil drain plugs from my 03 Jetta TDI. Got them from the ID parts Oil change kits. I don't recall if any are unused so I'll just say all were used once. Just pay shipping which will be a padded...
  9. Lane_S

    3" Exhaust Advice

    I just put on a KermaTDI 3" turbo back exhaust - no CAT. My goal is to improve engine performance for MPG gain. I expected it to be louder but after a few days driving and tweaking I've decided I'd like it to be quieter. The droning is the issue. Running flat its OK but once you load the engine...
  10. Lane_S

    INA Bonus points

    Would any of your fellow TDI'ers overseas (from me at least) be interested in some bonus points from INA? I just did a timing belt and have a coupon but I won't use it. First I'll take it gets it.
  11. Lane_S

    Timing Belt Job - first personal attempt

    Well I got thru my 200K Timing Belt job. Took me twice as long as I imagined but it was a good learning experience. Thanks to Metalman for the tool rental, mckpat03 for the VC cable rental, and Brad Berkey the wifes cousins huband who is a Mazda dealership mechanic for the assistance. Now onto...
  12. Lane_S

    TDI at 200K, What would you do?

    Here is my situation. The 2003 Jetta TDI is at 200K. I know the Timing Belt needs replaced again, but the Ol' Girl still has the original clutch, Turbo at 170K (orig. replaced under warranty), original struts/shocks, and orig. Exhaust which is now leaking into the cabin (turbo gasket or breaks...
  13. Lane_S

    WANTED: Pass side lower bumper grill piece for 2003 Jetta

    Hi, I need the small grill cover for the passenger side lower bumper. The part that covers the tow hook area. Let me know what you have and price w/shipping. My zip is 16646 Thanks.
  14. Lane_S

    FS: Zerostart Circulation Tank Heater

    I have for sale a new Zerostart Circulation Tank Heater. I bought it for m Jetta TDI a few years ago but never needed it. Asking $15.00 plus shipping. Drop me an email if interested. Thanks.
  15. Lane_S

    WTB: 195-65-15 Tires

    Looking for a set of 4 OEM or any roadworthy tires for my 03 Jetta. Would even take the rims with the tires if thats what you have. Shoot me an email with details. I'm located in West/Central PA and would travel a bit if needed. Thanks.
  16. Lane_S

    2003 TDI temp control problem

    Today while driving I turned up the heat control a bit to take the chill off and noticed it would not warm up (after the engine was up to temp of course). Turned it for full heat and still nothing. I then turned the vent control to upper panel and got full heat but then when I turned the temp...
  17. Lane_S

    WTB: 195 65 15 Tires

    Anyone have any new or used 195 65 15 tires for sale. I need a set to get through the summer/fall. Would prefer to do a pick up in PA if possible but would look at shipping with a good deal. Thanks
  18. Lane_S

    Vag Com Needed Central PA

    I'm lookling for someone in Johnstown, Altoona, Indiana, or even State College, Huntingdon, Lewistown, Harrisburg that has a Vag Com and cable to fit my 2003 Jetta. I had a MIL light on and it coded #3 cylinder Glo plug. I did the test on the Glo plug thread and #3 was indeeed burned out. I...
  19. Lane_S

    Diesel autos can be clean option in U.S., report says.

    Diesel autos can be clean option in U.S., report says Diesel and hybrid vehicles are both known for their fuel efficiency, but diesels are viewed as dirty because of exhaust pollutants, while gasoline-electric hybrids are considered a green product. Consequently, with U.S. regulations reducing...
  20. Lane_S

    WTB: Drivers Heated Mirror glass 2003 Jetta

    Anyone have a drivers side heated mirror glass to fit a 2003 Jetta? Need it for inspection in August. Thanks.