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  1. zaeli

    wtb 98-05(?) new beetle passenger headlight lense

    wtb 98-05(?) new beetle passenger headlight lense. Will also consider a complete headlight or complete set.
  2. zaeli


    WVVW West Virginia VW gtg. Trying to get the ball rolling. I’m heading from north central NC. Would like to gather at a state park. Come on Ohio, Tennessee, North Carolina, Indiana, Pennsylvania and Kentucky!
  3. zaeli

    15 years on tdiclub

    15 years strong. Bought the first alh pd 2004 gls anthracite wvw in 2005 15k(?) my ex and I bought it $15k(?), she got it after a separation. I always said I’d buy it back, never happened, might be near Breckinridge Co(?). Bought a very strong 99.5 2dr wvw blue. Larger injectors, upgrade luck...
  4. zaeli

    Looking for another set of big injectors

    Bought a 2002 green diesel bug.. looking to buy larger injectors for another Malone tune. Other things of interest: •Hood & trunk struts 2000 golf •grille (badgeless, badged, no stinkin’ badgers) 2000 golf •lift kit/ lower kit •wheels •the auto spoiler kit thing from the 2002 snap orange turbo...
  5. zaeli

    WTB 2000-01 mk4 ECU

    Installed larger injectors, went for a Malone 1.5 and got a warning that the ECU might have a previous write, overwrite could brick. So looking for a clean spare ECU. Other things of interest: VR6 front brake kit Hood & 5th door struts Hitch
  6. zaeli

    DieselGeek panzer skidplate VW mk4

    Heavy duty aluminum skid plate kit for all mid 1999 through mid 2005 Jetta sedan and wagon, 1999 through 2006 Golf, GTI, and 2004 R32 as well as 1998-2010 New Beetles. This kit fits all years, TDI diesel or gasoline powered, all body types and all transmission types. I believe it has the oil...
  7. zaeli

    fs: 99.5 2dr golf tdi (rc2+)

    2dr golf, 99.5, german vin/ WVWBF31J7XW245661 Just under 174K M. Timing belt was done @ 156K. 5s Manual gear box. I had the lifters and cams machined two years ago. Rocket Chip stage 2+ Sprint 520's "Runs especially strong" (opinion of two tdi mechs on tdi club) Replaced the alternator and...
  8. zaeli

    wtb: 99.5 lower ic pipe

    wtb: 99.5 upper ic pipe w/ MAF mount Wanted, 99.5 upper intercooler pipe w/ MAF mount. Looking for an expedited transaction. I'll be be back around 5 to reply.
  9. zaeli

    Woes, woes and more woes...

    Monday I slipped my timing belt, I found out today from the shop that is looking at the damage that one of the rollers basically exploded and the head needs to be taken off, cam damage. After that I was told also that my strut tower broke throught my frame and the rear shock is leaking. On...
  10. zaeli

    WTB Black or Grey Cloth Heated GTI Seats.

    As listed above, local NJ/NY/PA/CT please. Some wear is acceptable. I am not terribily fond of the confetti pattern ;).
  11. zaeli

    NYC-->Ontario, new years.

    First trip to Canada. Wondering if I should mount snows, its winter here in the city but the need for them is minimal.
  12. zaeli

    4th @2100 vrs. 5th @1600, pros and cons

    Interested in the pros and cons, regarding engine/ turbo wear and fuel consumption. Any comments?
  13. zaeli

    Attempted Break-in, theft...what to do?

    Well, I first admit I live in a high car theft and break in area, Jersey City NJ. While my car was parked on the street, between the hours of 3am and 6am there was an attempt to break into my '04 Golf TDI, they busted the outer lock cyclinder, drivers side. I guess I have a few simple questions...