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    Wiring harness exposed under car

    The driver........I can read the terrain before I cross it. It comes from 20+ years of offroading, dirtbiking, etc. My point is....if you are dragging the bottom of your car, you need a car that sits higher. Donald PS My wife put 90% of the miles on the car. She also drove on the same dirt...
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    NJ Inspection

    Emissions tests are just money makers. They only check for readiness and current codes. They could do that wireless.....for free. Donald
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    GM accused of rigging diesel emissions

    But you said it was to cheat the consumer.......which is it? The sole purpose was to get by the regs as cheap as possible.......which is the whole truth. You saying to cheat the consumer was wrong. Donald
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    GM accused of rigging diesel emissions

    Wrong......the only reason was to get past the regulations. They all do it in one form or another. Donald
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    Wiring harness exposed under car

    You need to repair that and think about getting a car that sits much higher. I took our TDi on plenty of dirt roads and forest service roads, and not once did I scrape the belly pan. Donald
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    Buyback nightmare

    This........Did you get an e-mail from Chase? The buyback specialist probably told you about it in the buyback. Donald
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    High mileage CR - post it up!

    And you only get 37 US MPG???? Do you do a lot of city driving? We only averaged around that on ours, but there was a lot of mixed driving. Donald
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    2015 tdi clearance

    Not trying to step on your toes.......generally leases are for people that don't drive much. Tdis are generally vehicles that pay off if you drive a ton. Why do people want to lease a Tdi? Donald
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    EPA Permits Sale of Inventoried TDIs

    They did....just not in USA. 'mericuns turned lazy, so manufacturers aren't selling many anymore. Donald
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    what kind of things are you taking off the car before turn-in?

    Why????? You are getting far more than the car is worth.(even without the scandal). Mine had every factory it came off the assembly line. The radio was fried.(put it back in) It also had the original wheels and tires. I bought new Portos at the time of the first tire change and put...
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    EPA Permits Sale of Inventoried TDIs

    My dealings with VW have been easy and quick. Most issues are owner inflicted. They try to beat the system or try to be clever in their dealings. Just go with the flow, file your claims to a "T", and be patient. It will be quicker in the long run. Donald
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    My personal TDI buyback story

    That is why we bought a 2009 wagon with 60,000 miles for $15000. :) Donald
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    Lawyer referral requested

    Not one time did I defend VW in this thread. What I did say was, Be will get your money if it is owed to you. It sounds like to me, his bank screwed up. I really think that you have a problem with people that "go with the flow" and take responsibility for things out of their...
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    Buyback HELP - Need Radio!

    You didn' could of left your Android in it
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    Lawyer referral requested

    Far from it.....just a realist. I don't get worked up by the un-important things. If it affected my well-being, I would get bent out of shape.. Donald
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    Buyback HELP - Need Radio!

    Its been should have left the radio in. Either put the overpriced fancy radio in, or find a rcd 510 and put in there. Are you sure it was worth all the hassle? Donald
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    50 Way to Leave Your Jetta

    Why do you think that? They should have gotten an updated payoff. Mine was accurate except I made a payment a week before. Donald
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    Lawyer referral requested

    This is what is wrong with our many are quick to make a mountain out of a molehill. You will get your will just take a little time. Unless you paid a lump sum, you should only be owed 1 payment. Is that really grounds for suing? If you did make a lump sum, then it is...
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    Mazda Announces a US Bound Diesel for Fall 2017

    You can always buy a beater and wait for the car you really want. We took the money and paid cash for an 8 yr old BMW with 60,000 miles. Donald
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    Buyback Payment Smaller than Offer for No Reason

    I came up with 24947.......that is 300 short. Donald