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  1. spiceredwagon

    Injector Diagnosis

    I had the misfortune of needing to remove the head due to some missing timing belt teeth. Hoping the experts here can help me diagnose this injector problem I discovered. I think the second cylinder (burned brown in image) has been over fueling, it has the thickest soot in the exhaust port and a...
  2. spiceredwagon

    1.9 TDI Powered Airplane

    The March issue of EAA's Sport Aviation shows a Finnish built aircraft powered by VW 1.9 TDI-JH1. Googling JH1 does not find any thing related to VW but the picture in the magazine looks like a PD engine. The highlight of the article is the miserly fuel burn - the 63 gallon wing tanks give it a...
  3. spiceredwagon

    VW Service Dept not the only bad ones.

    Helped my son replace the timing belt on his Cadillac Catera today. The Car was supposedly only Caddy dealer serviced before he bought it. Who ever did the first belt was too lazy to remove the water pump pulley so they used a knife to massacre the timing belt cover. Now all kinds of crap can...
  4. spiceredwagon

    Transmission drive shaft oil seal

    How difficult is it to replace the drivers side drive shaft oil seal ? I am wondering if I should tackle this problem and fix it properly or keep topping the transmission up. After the shaft is out does the seal get pried out or is there a flange to remove that contains the seal ?
  5. spiceredwagon

    How many miles till your alternator pulley siezed?

    How many miles till your alternator pulley seized? At a young 74.5k miles my Jetta started making a bad noise in the engine. When I looked at the belt while idling the tensioner was vibrating like a bell hammer. So I checked the alternator pulley and it is seized solid.
  6. spiceredwagon

    Serpentine belt tensioner

    Did I get a patch of bad luck or have other people had bad tensioners. I replaced a tensioner that flunked out of province inspection, 1200km later the new one is leaking oil. It cost $150.00 cdn made in Slovakia supposed to be the genuine VW product. Do made in China tensioners last longer?
  7. spiceredwagon

    Coolant GP's never turn on

    Due to the long warm up times I have suspected the coolant GP's never work. So I hooked two LEDs as idiot lamps to the coolant gp relay 100 and 53. They have never lit up. Today it was -20°C so I left the car out overnight. In the morning I stuck a volt meter up the plug that I pulled off the...
  8. spiceredwagon

    Calix coolant heater problems ?

    I am considering installing the OEM type heater. It looks neater than the Zero Start type, takes up less space. Has any one besides ZERO10 had trouble with the dealer installed coolant heaters? I think ZERO10 may have a bad install that gets air locked or some other problem unique to his install.