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  1. Rcbamm

    Golf R steering wheel in my GSW

    Hi all, I’ve tried doing a search but am not seeing anything relating to what I’m doing with my GSW. I have a 2015 Sportwagen TDI SEL with DSG and bought a brand new Mk7 Golf R DSG steering wheel. The Golf R steering wheel has a coucple extra buttons compared to my original SEL MFSW. I put...
  2. Rcbamm

    MIB 2 Retrofit? Nah. iPad dash install *pics*

    I don’t think I posted about my previous Mk7 iPad dash install before so here it goes. I did this to my first Mk7 TDI SEL with MIB 1 in 2016. I used an iPad Pro 9.7 with cellular, a secondary radio bezel with AC vents I sourced on eBay and a hard plastic iPad case that I cut and epoxied to the...
  3. Rcbamm

    MIB1 Dead; 2015 GSW SEL

    Well, I picked up my second 2015 TDI last friday. First one was the first new car I ever bought brand new. 2015 Golf TDI SEL 6 speed MT. Loved the car, but two weeks after owning it VW announced it's whole emissions scandal :( Drove it for 44k miles then returned it.. got all my money back...
  4. Rcbamm

    I have a totaled ALH TDI and a straight 2.0 Jetta.

    So I got hit and run by a drunk driver New Year's Day morning around 6:30am on my way home from work on the interstate traveling about 75 mph. I was in my 99.5 Jetta TDI and the guy must of been going well over a hundred MPH because he KO'd my rear end. I got a busted eye getting pushed up into...
  5. Rcbamm

    Listen to my TDI idle. Brand new head install.

    Original thread > Well I got all the parts from, this included all new gaskets, brand new Kolbenschmidt complete head, and a ALH deluxe timing belt kit. I found out the original heads timing was off from the previous owner's...
  6. Rcbamm

    99.5 Jetta 188k Miles Cam Follower failure; Advice what to do next.

    Hi all, I'm new to this forum, I currently own a 05 Golf TDI and my 99.5 Jetta TDI that recently broke down.. :( I'm trying to get the Jetta to be my daily airport car, and keep my Golf for a weekend driver. I stopped driving the Golf because the PD cam is wearing and I therefore started...