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  1. edge130

    I think I shaved today with my Jetta

    As I was shaving this morning with a new razor, I recognized 3 numbers of my old VIN number on the front of the blade. Now I know what happened to my 2009 Jetta TDi
  2. edge130

    VW record keeping

    Did they buyback in January. You think they would have removed me from the VIN, as I have not been the owner since then. Today I received a recall notice in the mail re the ABS and to schedule a dealer appointment
  3. edge130

    Received Saftey Recall today, ABS Brake system

    Received safety recall letter re ABS brake system from VW Looks like a software upgrade and checking of ground wires. Called customer care and advised them the vehicle was bought back last month.
  4. edge130

    Tried to visit my buybacked Tdi today.

    Went out to the stores today with the wife, on the way home, came up on the VW dearlership where we did the buyback Thursday. I pulled in inorder to try to see it, to see how it was doing, to make sure it was doing OK. But it was not to be. Alas it was behind a very high fence, topped off with...
  5. edge130

    2.o liter not to meet standards

  6. edge130

    Passed New Jersey Emissions inspection

    Just passed the NJ state inspection this am. NJ just tests for emissions only now. They test by plugging in to OBD-II diagnostic connector of car, not by placing a probe into the exhaust pipe. In the United States, many states now use OBD-II testing instead of tailpipe testing in OBD-II...
  7. edge130

    Vw extended warranty on HPFP

    Received in mail today letter stating extended warranty for the hpfp "Warranty Extension for High-Pressure Fuel Pump Certain 2009 - 2012 Model year VW TDI clean diesel engine vehicles " extend the warranty of the high pressure fuel pump (HPFP) in your TDI clean diesel engine vehicle...
  8. edge130

    Driver lights on while starting?

    Is this normal? While I start the car, I notice the headlights are on. I would think that the headlights would be delayed until the engine actually starts. Having the headlights on while cranking seems to put an un needed strain on the battery.
  9. edge130

    Changed fuel filter

    Changed fuel filter today on 2009 Jetta TDI that has the 2 "wide mouth" holes, the MANN PU936/2x filter. I think its a good idea to have on hand replacement torx screws for the filter canister. I wound up replacing all of mine due to the dealer using an air tool to 1) grossly over tighten the...
  10. edge130

    Help! Glow plug boot issue

    The other day while driving I got a MIL. while driving 2009 Jetta TDI sedan with 39,400 miles on it. Never had a MIL before. I did not detect any noticeable issues/problems with the driving, engine, etc. Went home and put on Ross Tech VCDS did diagnostic with engine running" Address 01...
  11. edge130

    jack and jackstand problem suggestion

    Don't know if this is in correct section or not. I saw this on the internet the other day and although admittedly pricy, it does seem to solve the jack lifting point and jackstand conflict when it comes to our cars. Whether you think its worth it or not, I think it is brilliant concept. Go...
  12. edge130

    Did myDSG service today

    Did my DSG Service today I finally did my DSG service today @37,827 miles. Struggled a bit, but learned a few things. This is how I did it, your mileage may vary. My garage floor is level, my driveway is not. Used Rhino ramps in the front to remove the lower sound shield. Drove off Rhino...
  13. edge130

    Dsg service question

    Does anyone know from experience the minimum height the car needs to be raised to access the dsg drain plug and install an adapter to bottom fill? From material I have laying around, thinking of making 4 simple ramps out of 2x6 boards offset stacked 2 high, so that would raise the car evenly...
  14. edge130

    Looking for someone to help with first DSG service.

    I'm aware of the upcomng DSG service, car has 38 K on it now. Have read the posts on the preceedures, tools, parts needed. I think I can walk myself through the proceedure. My stumbling block is a clean,roomy place to do it. My single garage is level, but tight for room. I don't think my...
  15. edge130

    Replaced my battery today

    Had to replace the battery on the 2009 Jetta tdi today. Saturday it would't turn over. Thought something was left on, put the battery charger on it, noticed the ammeter stayed up on high end, never really tapering downward, as it would on a discharged, but healthy battery. Took off the charger...
  16. edge130

    Spark plug torque for 2009 Jetta 2.5 SE

    Hi, Anyone out there witha Bentley manual or such, that could give me the correct torque valvue for the 5 spark plugs.? I have a Jetta TDI, obviously no spark plugs, but this is for my daughters 2009 VW Jetta 2.5L Want to do the 40K maintenance for her. Thanks in advance.
  17. edge130

    First time DIY TDI oil change

    My wife's 2009 Jetta TDI is out of warranty. Did my first oil change. Used ramps, went under to remove sound panel. Once again, screwed by the dealer and his air ratchet happy mechanics. One of the rear T 30 torx screws was on super tight, and it's threads were slighly damage T-30 socket...
  18. edge130

    engine cover connector

    The other day I read a post regarding adding a little white grease to the ball/socket connectors of the engine cover , as it would make removal easier. I think it even mentioned somone actually broke one of the ball studs mounted on the engine. When I went to pull off the engine cover, I...
  19. edge130

    p/n for fuel canisterTorx screws

    Long strory short, could hardly get remove the 5 Torx bolts holding the cap on to the fuel filter canister. Guy must have used an impact gun or torqued them to 44 ft lbs instead of inch pounds. Some of the Torx heads were partially stripped also. Finally succeeded in getting them out. They...
  20. edge130

    Brake Fluid change covered under Carefree Maintenance Program

    Hi, Have 2009 Jetta TDI Has anyone had the opportunity to go see if the Brake Fluid replacement is covered under the 3 year Carefree Maintenance Plan? Supposedly all required maintenace items are covered for thr first three years. In the maintainace section the beginning of the booklet...