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  1. tdibeliever

    FS: Mk2 ABS/ASR pump/controller and switch $75 shipped in cont US.

    FS: Mk20 ABS/ASR pump/controller and switch $75 shipped in cont US. FS:Mk20 ABS/ASR controller/pump and a couple of switches. I bought this to install on my '99.5 to replace the ABS only system. The car is gone and I just rediscovered this item in a box at the back of a shelf. $75 shipped...
  2. tdibeliever

    FS used EGR delete plates

    I used them on my hot rod AHU GTDI build years ago and kept them when I sold the car in '10 (I think). 2 plates and what looks like 3 metal gaskets. $15 + shipping. -Jake
  3. tdibeliever

    FS: AHU/1Z/ALH injectors

    I have 2 complete sets of 220 bar injectors that I pulled from running engines years ago. I haven't owned a TDI in about 3yrs and I can't see another in the foreseeable future so it's time to move 'em on. Don't want to be greedy so I'll ask $85 each set shipped within cont US. Contact for...
  4. tdibeliever

    Rotella T 5w40 on sale at Autozone

    FYI I just bought 5 gallons of Rotella T 5w40 for 19.99 each. Not sure if anyone else has mentioned this already. Not sure when it expires either.
  5. tdibeliever

    FS: K03/K04 turbo,11mm ip,AHU/ALH mod ip brackets,Tuned FA (3bar),o/s pistons,etc

    I really want to make room in the garge and I'm done with A3s for now so if you buy it all I'll cut everything loose for $2300. Most of this stuff is from my hopped up A3 that I sold, but there are a few things to fit an A4. All prices plus shipping The turbo just came back from Gpopshop...
  6. tdibeliever

    FS: '96 GTI TDI swap in S.E. MA $4500 obo

    SOLD SOLD SOLD Since I've been getting a lot of IMs about the sale of the car here's the written portion of the ad. I'll take some rough pics on 4/3/10 and fresh pics after it's been detailed on 4/7/10. '96 GTI (was 2L/automatic) – clean MA gasser title. Not registered or inspected since...
  7. tdibeliever

    FS: A3/B4 Kerma tuned 3bar ECU

    Can't remember if it's a JB or and FA. I'll get it out in the next day or so and update this. The ECU got a 3 bar map sensor upgrade. The tune was designed for an AHU/1Z running their K03/04 hybrid w/ hotside work turbo, good downpipe and exhaust, PP520 injectors, an 11mm IP (although I think...
  8. tdibeliever

    FS: KKK K03/K04 hybrid w/ hotside work

    I bought it from Kerma last spring. Built by GPopShop. It's had about 5000 miles on it since then. I'm selling my GTI so the goodies are being sold too. Builds boost quickly. The engine made phenominal power with this turbo (no dynos, just tons of smiles). I'm also going to sell the ECU that was...
  9. tdibeliever

    FS: A3 / B4 Techtonics Tuning 2.25" SS downpipe

    P/N: 251 208 It's got around 5,xxx miles on it. I bought it for my A3 GTI TDI project. It fits great and worked extremely well. I took it off because I'm going to sell the car. Connects straight to the midpipe - No Cat. I paid $300 for it. I'm asking $220 shipped.
  10. tdibeliever

    FS: Mk5 Jetta Monster mats $50 + shipping MA

    They weren't Mk4 as I had originally hoped. They have oval retainers and are in great shpe. No tears or wear. All of the nubbins on the back are still intact. Just want what I paid for them. I'll wash 'em before shipping if you like.
  11. tdibeliever

    WTB: A4 switch blank, EGR valve and hose, Battery cover lid, lower outer grilles

    I need these parts for my 99.5 ALH Jetta. Far left switch blank - where the driver's side heated seat switch would go A good EGR and the boost hose that attaches to it. My EGR won't hold vac. and the hose is split in several places. The large cover for the battery box. Mine is cracked...
  12. tdibeliever

    Tips on cleaning pistons

    I'm getting ready to re-assemble an ALH for my new Jetta. I really dislike cleaning pistons with tooth brushes and brake cleaner. Any recommendations on better cleaning methods?
  13. tdibeliever

    WTB: 02A Single Mass 4cyl Flywheel 22lbs 028 105 269 B

    Just like is says I'm looking for a stock single mass flywheel. I'd prefer a used item with a good ring gear. It could be from an A3 TDI, B3 16V, B4 TDI or 2L. Shipped price to 02769 Rehoboth,MA please. Paypal ready.
  14. tdibeliever

    Re-Bushing Connecting Rods

    I have 2 sets of ALH connecting rods I want to have checked and rehab'd. I wasn't able to find dimesions in the Bentley for the little end bushings. Anyone have a source for those #s. Also I'd like leads on manufactures that produce bushings/material that is correct, or an upgraded from the OEM...
  15. tdibeliever

    FS: AHU shortblock minus pistons/rods-needs work

    FS: 1500mi on the rebuild. AHU with fresh 1st over bore. The head bolt threads are trashed thus me pulling this block. I know it could be fixed with Timeserts, the machine shop I use now says helicoils would fix it too, but my A3 is running well and I'm moving on to a new ALH project now, so I...
  16. tdibeliever

    FS: Nural ALH .5mm oversized pistons (1500mi)

    Just as it says. I bought them from Myke_w on vwdiesel net for $500+shipping. I put 1500 mi. on them and could never keep a head on the engine. I wouldn't replace the rings as they haven't even fully seated. Bore your engine and drop them in. Pins/keepers/rings included. $350 shipped UPS in...
  17. tdibeliever

    Is it worth updating to a 120 pin ECU?

    My search skills aren't that great so fogive me if this has been answered elsewhere in a different form. I recently aquired a 99.5 Jetta. It's a reasonably solid car that needs some love. Most note-worthy is the engine is coming out for a rebuild. Low compression, a nasty RPM dependent...
  18. tdibeliever

    FS: ABS/ASR MK60 controller and pump

    Here's the pump/controller needed to add ASR to your Mk4. This one came from a rear ended '01 Golf TDI had about 4x,xxxmi when I pulled it. Been sealed since. Pump # 1J0 614 417C Controller # 1C0 907 379 D Supplier code: 0312.3 _ Not affected by the recall Look here if you're curious...
  19. tdibeliever

    What have I gotten myself into...

    I now have a 99.5 A4 Jetta TDI to go along with my '96 GTI TDI hotrod. I traded the PO my '88 Coupe for it. It's a 5spd. Mechanically the car is rough. It takes 5-10 sec of cranking to get it to fire. The PO has been using ether to start it (probably trashed the rings) due to a weak battery and...
  20. tdibeliever

    Serp belt tensioner- slow to return or quick?

    Should the serp belt tensioner snap back to rest quickly when unloaded -as if it only had a spring inside- or should it move back to rest slowly as if there were a valved piston or friction plates inside of it?