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  1. pawel

    Parking Brake Dragging - 2009 Jetta TDI

    After replacing all rotors and pads I did follow the procedure to apply brakes and pulling PB. After applying brake and PB rear brakes were not dragging. However, after driving for few days I realized that rear brakes started to drag. So today I adjusted the PB screw all the way out. The...
  2. pawel

    CR TDI Air Intake Manifold Pics

    Just wanted to share few pics of my intake manifold with 154,000 miles on it. You can see the valve in the first picture. My mechanic asked me if I use any fuel addictive because the valve is "clean". I do.
  3. pawel

    Intake Manifold Flap Position Sensor Fault Code P2015

    I was wondering if someone could point me in the right direction with this code: Address 01: Engine (CBE) Labels: 03L-906-022-CBE.clb Part No SW: 03L 997 016 N HW: 03L 906 022 J Component: R4 2,0L EDC G000SG 8680 Revision: 12H01 Serial number: VWX7Z0H624P077 Coding: 0050072 1...
  4. pawel

    Fuel Filter Change at 138k Miles.

    My 2009 CR TDI with 138k miles.
  5. pawel

    Moving to Pittsburgh Area

    Just wanted to ask about fuel quality in Pittsburgh area. Which locations should be avoided. I did check the guru list and it seems that there are like two mechanics in the area. Any mechanics not listed? And yes, I would like to ask for a dealer recommendation to buy parts.
  6. pawel

    Mobil Delvac 1 ESP 5W40 in CR TDI

    I would like to get an opinion on using Mobil Delvac 1 ESP 5W40 in CR TDI. From what I read Mobil Delvac (non ESP) is an excellent oil so when I learned that now Mobil offers Mobil Delvac 1 ESP, I'm considering using it. Should I? I have been using Mobil 1 Formula M 5W40 for the past 30k...
  7. pawel

    Grease for shifter cables

    My plastic shifter cables located underneath the gear shifter started to squeak every time I change gear. Any recommendation for grease I should use?
  8. pawel

    120k MI Service

    Completed my 120k MI service today. All looks good. I even cleaned the oil filter canister. While I was finishing up, I found this rubber ring broken up. It sits on the fuel line going into HPFP. It appears that the piece just sheared off. Is it from stress or vibration?
  9. pawel

    Rust on the hood

    While I was washing my car, I found rust on the hood edges. It looks like the weld broke and came apart. Car has over 83k miles, but if my memory serves me right, the rust warranty is for like 10 years with unlimited mileage? It looks like I will be scheduling a visit to the dealer. any...
  10. pawel

    Compass Issue (Vehicle Position Recognition Control Module (J603))

    Recently I "lost" my compass indication from the MFD. I completed a VCDS scan and got the following codes: Note: Please disregard the telephone fault - I have Kufatec's module installed. Does this mean that the Vehicle Position Recognition Control Module (J603) is DONE...? Help greatly...
  11. pawel

    DIY Service Discussion

    I did the 80,000 mile service last weekend, including brake fluid flush. I'm happy to report no issues with my fuel system. :)
  12. pawel

    Tire installer recommendation

    Can anyone recommend a tire installer in Philadelphia area? I checked the tire rack site and Woodlawn Foreign Car Service is on the list? Any experience with that shop?
  13. pawel

    FS - 260mm Zimmerman Coated Rear Disc Set

    I have one extra (don't ask me why :D) set of Zimmerman coated rear discs for sale for $60. they are 260 mm, 5x112.
  14. pawel

    What type of A/C refrigerant and oil for MKV?

    I would like to find out from you folks what type of refrigerant and oil can be used in MKV? thanks in advance.
  15. pawel

    GLI 286 mm rear brakes for 09 TDI sedan

    I'm considering installing the GLI rear brakes on my TDI. The short write up about this kit on sellers site ( ) indicates that "the splash shields these requires bending (or trimming) of the backing plate to fit over...
  16. pawel

    TSB 2020606 - ecm flash refused by dealer

    does anyone know a dealer in tri state area that will flash my ecm? my dealer refused to flash my ecm when I showed the TSb 2020606 - OBD function optimazation. is this sumthing that will be done while vehicle is still under a warranty?
  17. pawel

    Bentley Service Manual including 2.0L CBEA is here

    Good news everyone, Bentley finally published service manual for Jetta 2005 to 2010 including 2.0 TDI.
  18. pawel

    Bently will update Service Manual to include CBEA!

    Some time ago I sent an email to Bently asking if the Jetta service manaul will be updated to cover the 2.0L CBEA engine. Good news! I just received this reply from Bently: Message: Thank you for contacting Bentley Publishers. We do have plans to update this manul in the very near future...
  19. pawel

    09 TDI TSBs

    I have decided to create this post so that we could keep all TSBs in one place.
  20. pawel

    09 TDI Fuel Reserve

    I do not have my manual with me today, so can someone please tell me how much reserve does 09 TDI have? My fuel light came on this morning while commuting to work (drove 15 miles since light came on), so I'm trying to calculate if I have enough fuel to get to station I frequently use.