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  1. spartan

    B5.5 Passat Turbo

    I have the used chinese made turbo that came on my car when I bought it. It gave me problems with boost control, so I removed it for an OEM part. It does not include an actuator. I am moving and just don't want to take it with me since I no longer own the car. $75 shipped.
  2. spartan

    7 PD Injectors- For Parts (maybe)

    I have 7 used PD injectors for an 04-05 Jetta TDI. I am not sure of the exact mileage on all of them. I do know that some of them were working and a couple were not. I do not know which ones are which. I sent a bunch of them to DBW and he sent me back the best with new nozzles, these are the...
  3. spartan

    2005 Passat TDI GLS Wagon in MI

    Sold the car.
  4. spartan

    FS: Passat Homelink Visor $40 shipped

    I have an extra GRAY B5.5 Passat Homelink visor sitting around that I don't need. Looking to get $40 shipped. It worked great when removed. [
  5. spartan

    WTB: BHW VNT17VA Turbo for Passat

    Looks like the PO of my car put in a crap chinese replacement turbo on the car (2005 Passat TDI), and surprisingly it has gone bad in less than 10k miles. :mad: :mad: :mad: I cannot afford to put a new turbo on it after having the transmission rebuilt as well :( Just hoping someone can help me...
  6. spartan

    Turbo Removal

    So after battling my limp mode issue til I could take it no more I took the car to a local mechanic who is very knowledgeable with TDI's. The result was that he believes I have an internal issue with my 10k mile old turbo. I can get full boost at full throttle, but at part throttle he cannot...
  7. spartan

    MK4 Paperback Bentley Manual

  8. spartan

    BHW Vacuum Diagram

    I am fighting a serious limp mode issue and I would like to make sure that I have the vacuum lines running in the correct orientations. I do not have a diagram under my hood as the car was in an accident and received a new hood. If someone could post a pictures of theirs I would greatly...
  9. spartan

    MK4 Wagon spoiler, fresh paint, never installed

    I am looking to unload my brand new wagon spoiler because I am selling my car and don't have a use for it. I had the spoiler painted to match my car which was Indigo Blue Pearl. Paint looks great, never been installed. Looking to get $350 shipped. NOW $250 SHIPPED! What it looks like...
  10. spartan

    2005 Jetta Wagon GLS TDI 5 speed

  11. spartan

    PD items: Axels, egr cooler, intercooler setup

    PD items:wagon suspension egr cooler, intercooler setup, Well, looks like the family is getting ready to pack up and move, so I need to get rid of some non essential items. Stock 05 wagon suspension with newer strut bushings, came off my car at 177k miles. I don't know if it is original, but I...
  12. spartan

    Delta 6 Headunit Manual

    Does anyone know where I could find a pdf or printed manual for the euro Delta 6 radio? I just put one in my wagon and would like to understand all the features and settings. Also, anyone know if you can get spare parts for them anywhere? The CD player arrived damaged from the seller, and...
  13. spartan

    Did a 5 speed swap- BUY MY 09A and auto parts

    I just finished up swapping a 5 speed into my 05 Jetta wagon. I am looking to get rid of all the automatic parts that I have pulled from the car. I will try to keep this an inclusive list, but if you are looking for something not listed let me know and I will see if I have it. I am located near...
  14. spartan

    Trouble Remove Transmission on 05 TDI

    Hello, I am right in the middle of swapping my 09A automatic for an 02J 5 speed manual. I have run into a bit of a hurdle while trying to get the auto out of the car. It seems that I don't have enough room to remove the transmission to engine bolts, as my triple square socket seems to be...
  15. spartan

    WTB: 5 speed swap in WI

    WTB: 5 speed swap parts in WI OK I was able to swap most of the parts that are needed to complete my 5 speed swap. They are little things that would end up costing a bunch if I had to buy them new. I am looking for the following parts: -Clutch pedal firewall gasket - 1j1 721 410 -3 M8 Nuts...
  16. spartan

    09A auto trans sensor part #'s

    Hi, I need to replace the intermediate shaft speed sensor on my TDI. I called the dealer, but they were not able to give me the part numbers for any of the sensors in the transmission to be able to order the new ones. Can anyone identify the part numbers for the following? G265- Intermediate...
  17. spartan

    WTB: Used/ Running PD Injector

    Hey guys, having some injector troubles on my car right now. I really only need 1 injector, but if no one is willing to split a set, or already has a partial set I may be interested. Also, my car is a 2005 BEW PD, does anyone know if I could use a 2006 PD injector? Part numbers are the same...
  18. spartan

    MK4 Jetta Bixenon Retrofit

    Sorry, I never remember to take pictures of the process, only the outcome ;) I just wanted to throw up some photos of the Mini D2S retrofit that I did on my Jetta's headlights. Here is a breakdown of the cost I put into them: ~Morimoto Mini D2S complete retrofit kit w/ Iris shrouds- $240 (got...
  19. spartan

    Cylinder Misfire 2005 PD

    So as it would figure, I ended up having some issues on my long holiday road trip that started yesterday. I got about 150 miles from home and the car started stumbling and shaking at idle more than normal. I figured maybe it was due the the recent biodiesel I started running and the fuel...