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  1. fitzski

    Diagnosing electronic parking brake fault

    Helping out a friend with an EPB fault (2007 B6 wagon). VCDS reports the following: 02433 - Supply Voltage for Right Parking Brake Motor (V283) 012 - Electrical Fault in Circuit - MIL ON Running through the diagnostic (from Ross-Tech), he can hear the motor moving, but it fails...
  2. fitzski

    Cold weather no-start this morning - thoughts?

    A chilly day in rural west Ottawa this morning, and even though the Jetta was in the garage, it was showing -18^C, and she wouldn't start. About half-full on the tank of known-good diesel (from my usual high-turnover station), and the glow plug lights would take maybe up to 10 seconds to...
  3. fitzski

    Truth in 24 II

    If you saw the first one, you'll know this will also be worth watching! Trailer:
  4. fitzski

    Did my timing belt... thoughts & couple of ?'s

    Rolling up to 150k kms on my 2004 Jetta (BEW), I got the timing belt done this weekend (and new water pump w/metal impeller, new idler, new tensioner, and a new serpentine belt). All went pretty well. Not too bad of a job, really, just the usual little things that should be quick and easy but...
  5. fitzski

    ALH... Stalling on deceleration

    Hi folks; Posting for a friend who is having an issue with his '03 Jetta, ~205k kms. About a half-dozen times over the last month or so, the car has died on him when he gets off the throttle and decelerates, i.e. approaching a stop sign, entering an off-ramp, etc. He's had it to a shop, but it...
  6. fitzski

    Tease: 2008 VW Polo Bluemotion (Ottawa, ON)

    Here's a teaser... up for sale at the Crown Assets auction (in Ottawa). Doesn't say so in the listing, but this car was used by the government as part of their alternative fuels research program (for example). Note the restrictions on the auction - car can only be sold for export. I have no...
  7. fitzski

    Winter Detailing

    Are you dirtier than me? Post yer proof! That's actually a bit cleaner than a couple of days ago... paved roads were wet on the morning commute, and so washed a bit off; my gravel roads were dry by the time I went home, so I missed out on adding a new layer of protective coating. Note the...
  8. fitzski

    My Ultramar is now Irving... should I be concerned or happy?

    The station I fill up at regularly - due to good prices, proximity to home, ease of access on my commute, and good performance - was an Ultramar up to last week. This week, it's an Irving station. I fill up both cars there - diesel for the Jetta, and 91 for the W8 (on Thursdays, because 91 is...
  9. fitzski

    Instrument cluster accident response

    I'm curious... would it be a design feature that the cluster "freeze" the guages at their point-of-impact position, or is it just coincidence? After my accident a couple of years ago, in giving statements to various law enforcement and insurance officials, I was of course asked how fast I was...
  10. fitzski

    Image links?

    See here: Something seems to be amiss with pics.tdiclub image references? Not sure...
  11. fitzski

    4mo conversion bits FS

    Just FYI, posted in my local (Ottawa-area) club:
  12. fitzski

    HST rules for used vehicles?

    I can't seem to find anything definitive about how HST will be applied to used vehicle sales, privately or from dealerships. I may be adding a 3rd car in the near future... just wondering if (how) it's going to impact the bottom line. Currently, private sales pay only PST, and not GST...
  13. fitzski

    Help... Side of road... Stalled, Hard Start, Rough Idle

    2004 PD Jetta... currently on the side of the road. Left the office and drove to day care (about 30kms) with no drama. Picked up my son, got in the car, started per usual, stalled 100' down the road as I pulled away from a yield sign. Felt like I'd simply stalled it letting the clutch out too...
  14. fitzski

    Did I just "fry" my keys?!

    I'm going through a cluster swap, and things seemed to be going OK. I thought I'd gotten the keys adapted (followed the Ross-Tech walk-through here), and when all was done, I started the car, and let it idle for a minute or so... didn't seem to be a problem. I just went back out to the car and...
  15. fitzski

    New oilpan: OCI recovery strategy?

    So I'd cracked my oilpan in mid-June (see here for more info). The crack was undiagnosed for a couple of days, and I ended up losing about 1 litre before taking action. I was able to drain the remaining oil and patch the crack while waiting for replacement parts. I re-filled with the drained...
  16. fitzski

    Immo3 Cluster Coding... Getting the SKC/PIN

    I'm trying to figure out the details of an Immo3 FIS cluster swap for my Immo3 2004 Jetta, and need to clarify the coding procedure before pulling the trigger. I'm being confused by folks saying they go to the dealer to get the Secret Key Code... which hasn't been possible for a few years, if I...
  17. fitzski

    Dakar TDI Build

    Very impressive fabrication. Be sure to check out Jay's other work; everything he touches is beyond compare.
  18. fitzski

    Quick "Toggle Signature Display" option?

    I typically browse the forums with signatures turned OFF, per the setting under Quick Links > Edit Options > Thread Display Options. Occasionally, someone will post something along the lines of "check the link in my signature" or similar, and I'm wondering how easy it would be to implement a...
  19. fitzski

    Quick! Before the stores close - cracked oilpan!!

    Was "fortunate" to notice dripping oil as I walked to the car at the end of the day today. Checked the dipstick, and it was at the bottom of the hash marks. Uh-oh. Had little choice but to carry on with picking up my son at daycare and getting home. Got the OEM plastic skidplate off, and...
  20. fitzski

    My turn... Suspension "clunk"

    I've developed a pretty dramatic "clunk"-ing noise over the last three days, and I wonder what opinions folks may have. A couple of caveats: 1) I just replaced the suspension (myself) - Koni FSD w/Eibach springs... all went well, I didn't have to lower the sub-frame, and I've been running it...