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  1. TDIkev

    Oil being used on ALH Jettas at 150k+ miles

    Petro Canada Duron 5w40 from the first oil change. 414 km now and running great!
  2. TDIkev

    11mm internals on 10mm pump??

    I called a shop a few years back to see if I could turn a 10 mm pump into a 11 mm pump. It can be done but it would be cheaper just to buy a pump from the shop. There are not many internal parts that are common to both pumps. I told the guy to stop after he was up to $1000 in parts.
  3. TDIkev

    How long do you plan to keep your car?

    I have always said from purchase if I could get 500K I would be happy, at 410k and running strong with no major problems 500k should be easy. I will take it one oil change at a time and see how it goes. I still love to drive it and I love things that are simple and reliable. I spoke to a...
  4. TDIkev

    trunk problem

    My car had the same problem, turns out it was a broken wire in the loom between the body and trunk.
  5. TDIkev

    Tire Reviews

  6. TDIkev

    Tire Reviews

    I paid 660.00 with the $70 rebate.
  7. TDIkev

    Tire Reviews

    I had the 912's. The traction was ok when the tires were new. As they got older the traction got horrible. Wet traction was the worst. I put my snows on in the middle of October because it was scary driving wih them on. I have Michelin pilot exalto's on now. There's a $70 rebate on now, not sure...
  8. TDIkev

    2002 TDI outside mirror corrosion

    Yes, mine has been vibrating and slowly separating from the door. I took the mirror off and the aluminum bracket is corroded bad. It looks like the bracket is a part of the mirror. I am going to check with the dealership to see my options.
  9. TDIkev

    LF - 2005 MK4 Jetta TDI Turbo Needed

    PM sent.
  10. TDIkev

    Dyno Day!

    Depending on the date.... pencil me in to watch the smoke shows...
  11. TDIkev

    Did VW Replace your Front Fender?

    Yes, both sides....wasn't a problem, they looked at the fender and said they would take care of it.
  12. TDIkev

    accident today :( - any experience with Don Valley VW auto body?

    Owasco collision centre. You will be taken care of. I've had both fenders replaced there and a minor fender bender repaired. Great work.
  13. TDIkev

    5th gear oiling update-have you seen this one??

    If vw took care of us they would have done this mod from the beginning. Dumb a$$ engineers putting an oil supply hole above the oil level. This is a bullet proof way of ensuring the 5th gear is oiled, all others are sub par...
  14. TDIkev

    02J 5th Gear Lubrication Modification

    I put the car on ramps, added 600 ml until it ran back out of the fill plug. I've done about 200 km and no oil has burped out the vent so far.
  15. TDIkev

    Year and Mileage Check

    300,000 km 1998: 521,000 km soundchk - dying a rusty death, but still runs awesome! 463,289 km rhyland - TDI TILL I DIE ! 442,569 km Gaddman 341,000 km chaloux (Beetle) 248,270 km P2B 197,940 km Keks 98,500 km big_worm81 1999: 740,000 km 1999.5 Cosmic Green (retired June 2010, replaced with...
  16. TDIkev

    BUG*PWR AWARD goes to one of our own at TDIFest 2010

    Congrats Nigel...A well deserved award!!!
  17. TDIkev

    02J 5th Gear Lubrication Modification

    I agree....just two 10 mm holes would do the trick...drain all the oil and solve the oil starvation issue.
  18. TDIkev

    02J 5th Gear Lubrication Modification

    Read post # 6 then 12.. it does not drain.:(
  19. TDIkev

    02J 5th Gear Lubrication Modification

    I’m not sure I would do this mod with the transmission in the car. You could potentially ruin and good transmission by not get all the cuttings out. There are thousands of these transmissions out there used by people not as anal about their cars as the people that frequent this site and they are...