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  1. Brokk

    Metal Nerd Rear Brake Tool and Brake Job Does anyone have a rear brake tool I can borrow? Do I really need to worry about the following: Please be aware that MkIV Jetta/Golf/New Beetle rear calipers must be "reset" when pushing the piston back into the caliper. Using a proper Rear...
  2. Brokk

    Timing Belt Job Cost

    What is the current Timing Belt Replacement Job cost approximately? Thanks, Curt
  3. Brokk

    Floor Mats

    Does anyone know where I can get replacement anthracite grey floor mats for my 2004 late model Jetta TDI with Oval retention clips? I have worn two holes in my driver matt. The best I have found so far are these at Amazon...
  4. Brokk


    Has anyone had experience good or bad with the Koolertron Navigation receivers. They look OEM to me and seem like they would connect up very easy in my '04 Jetta. I would really like a OEM looking Bluetooth solution for my iPhone in my car. Never mind found the posts I was looking for finally...
  5. Brokk

    '04 PD Jetta Cruise Control Issue

    Lately while driving on the freeway, with cruise set usually somewhere between 60 and 75, occasionally my car will slow down. I can just cancel the cruse speed back up and reset the cruise and all is fine for a while again. If I don't do anything about it after a little while the car will...
  6. Brokk

    WTB: Eight Rex Wheels

    Better weather is approaching again and I am still looking for a set of 5x100 17" Eight Rex wheels for my '04 Jetta.
  7. Brokk

    Has anyone purchased anything from ? I have been looking for some new wheels for my car for a while now and have found a guy on Vortex that has 3 good ones of the type that I want. I am thinking I could get a 4th from the site I mentioned. Thanks,
  8. Brokk

    In Seattle area 3/5/10

    I will be in Redmond/Seattle on Friday, March 5th to have the timing belt replaced on my Bora. Is anyone interested in getting a few TDIs together and having lunch or something?
  9. Brokk

    Buy a 2010 now or wait for a 2011?

    I have been planning to get a 2011 Touareg or Q7 for a while now. The lease on my wife's A4 is up in October of this year. Usually new next year models are out by Oct. I have read a few negative things about the '11 Tregs including the loss of their off-road equipment as standard and possibly...
  10. Brokk

    Q7 Tdi & A3 Tdi

    Anyone here have a A3 TDI yet?
  11. Brokk Commercials

    I'm liking the new Audi TDI commercials. They are spending some money. I have seen 3 so far tonight on the Sunday Night football game and the first quarter isn't even over.
  12. Brokk

    Car will not start.

    The engine light came on while on my way home from the pub last friday night. I did not drive it at all during the weekend or yesterday. I was going to take it in for service today but this morning it would not start. It was very cold this morning around 33F. I am thinking something has gone...
  13. Brokk

    Spokane, WA

    While working at the Spokane Federal Courthouse last Thursday, 10-16-08, I saw a black or dark blue Golf TDI with a nice small font Yes it's a Diesel licence plate frame. '04 Jetta GLS TDI
  14. Brokk

    Door Hinge - lube

    Looking at the VW Maintenance Schedules I see that we should lube the Door Hinges every 20K miles. My Bora is black and where I live it routinely gets up to 100 degrees during the summer causing the white lithium grease that I lube my door hinges with to melt slightly and leak/run down into my...
  15. Brokk

    Found Dream Car except it is 2500+ Miles away

    I found a perfect 2004 Black GLS TDI with leather and am willing to pay the $22,000 for it except it is on the other side of the country 2500+ miles away. If it was for sell at a dealer I could see buying it and having it transported. Alas it is a private seller and I am at a loss for how I...
  16. Brokk

    WTB 2001-2005 Black Jetta GLS TDI

    I am looking to buy a 2001-2005 Black Jetta GLS TDI with leather and manual trans. I realize that this is going to be very hard to find but I am patient and willing to travel. Curt