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  1. Richard55

    Wtb Performance Rods

    Looking for alh rods IE or equivalent highpro rods Need four of course
  2. Richard55

    1.9 alh engines and automatic transmission

    I have 2 alh motors with transmission attached, 1. only 152,000 miles. $1,000 2. 247,000 miles. $850.00 no IPs I pulled both out of running cars Richard55, trusted tdiclub guru 541-980-1466
  3. Richard55

    Wtb dsg transmission

    need a good low mileage DSG for a 5.5 Jetta. will travel to pick it up. callme at 541 980 1466. east coast please
  4. Richard55

    Fs jcr transmission

    This is the "Freeway Flyer" trans as some call it, I guess because of the gear ratio being higher then the standard 02j transmission. They are getting rarer all the time and this is a good one. About 160k on it. Out of a 5.5 Jetta I want $650.00 plus shipping for this one. Call me at 541-980-1466
  5. Richard55

    WTB BEW good short block

    Need a good BEW short block for a rebuild I am doing. It will be shipped to 30663
  6. Richard55

    Feeler: 2006 Jetta TDI auto

    For Sale 2006 Jetta, 202,000 miles. good condition. Turbo has a whine in it but is under warranty and new turbo will come with it Tires fair. New cam and timing belt installed. $6,000.00 obo call 541-980-1466
  7. Richard55

    CR into a NB

    Looking at the possibilities of installing a high power CR into my 2000 NB. Anyone have any input for this conversion? Would probably use a 5 speed as I will probably be taking it to Central America and speed limits south of the border are 100 kpm for the most part.
  8. Richard55

    FS Complete 5 speed swap

    SOLD For sale 02J 5 speed and all the parts to swap out an automatic to a 5 speed. Car only had 143,000 on it. Everything to do the job. You just need to get a clutch assy of your choice and go to town. $1,200 plus shipping. Feel free to call me at 541-980-1466 if you have questions.
  9. Richard55

    Feb or March GTG in Ga.

    The date is firm for the 14th of March. Sweet, hope to see all of you there. Address: 25-A Sunbelt Parkway, Covington, Ga 30014 Sign up now if you would like a tune or a dyno run. Jeff Roberts and RC Tunes will be at this GTG, sign up now for a tune. Malone tunes will also be there, sign...
  10. Richard55

    Repairs at Richard's

    Repairs at Richard's I am very proud to now be on the TDI clubs list of "Trusted Mechanics". Great honor and thanks to everyone for bringing your great cars to me to fix. Justin and I will always go above and beyond to get you going :) If you are in the Atl area of any where close and want to...
  11. Richard55

    FS: alh long block

    03 alh long block, 127k on this motor. 1,200 plus shipping to lower 48. PM me for all details Richard55
  12. Richard55

    FS 11 MM injection pump

    sold 650.00 obo shipped to lower 48 Car only had 127k on it this is a great pump. Will reseal it for only the cost of the seal kit PM me and its yours Paypal only Richard55 Trusted club mechanic
  13. Richard55

    4 Hole alj head gasket?

    Should be alh of course. I thought in the past I had seen a 4 hole head gasket. Does anyone know of where one can be purchased? Head had to be surfaced and they took off 10 thousands or about .24 mm. Will the head be ok if I run a 3 hole if I can't get a 4 hole?
  14. Richard55

    parting out 2000 Jetta tdi all parts available

    Gray car with charcoal interior, All parts, engine below a timing belt, body parts, 5 speed swap parts, all interior parts, instruments, body a 9 out of 10. PM for parts and pricing. Car located in Rutledge Ga. Pics to follow. 541-980-1466
  15. Richard55

    FS 99 NB with 03 ALH

    Daughter needs bigger car It has an 03 ALH with vnt 17, 216s, RC 3, 5 speed. New timing belt last month, less than 1K on it. IP just resealed, bilsteins front and back, SB stage 2 clutch . Daughter used it for collage, now has a family. Spoilers, two in the rear, one in front at back of...
  16. Richard55

    Fs 10 mm ip $350.00

    I took this off a running car and replaced it with an 11 MM pump. It works great. 350.00 plus shipping.
  17. Richard55

    Rosten Rods ?

    Quick question on high pro rods. It appears that the big end of the high pro rods are all a different size then the standard rod journal size. Am I read the specs wrong or do I have to re-size my crank to use these high pro rods?
  18. Richard55

    WTB 5x100 18" inch steelies.

    Need these for my trip to Panama Central America. Want not to stand out too much. Plain jane steelies nothing fancy. Must be dirty lol Need 4 at least would like to know where I can get them.
  19. Richard55

    Timing Belt Limits, HP and Torque wise.

    I have a question about the "timing belts". Does anyone know what the HP and torque limits are for the 100,000 mile belt, for the ALH motors.and for the tensioners. I have have had two belts come in broken and two tensioners come in that have failed. But I quess the question is really for my car...
  20. Richard55

    Hinges for a 99 NB

    Need upper and lower door hinges for the drivers door for my daughter 1999 NB. Price to 30663 asap please.