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  1. Rcbamm

    Golf R steering wheel in my GSW

    Hi all, I’ve tried doing a search but am not seeing anything relating to what I’m doing with my GSW. I have a 2015 Sportwagen TDI SEL with DSG and bought a brand new Mk7 Golf R DSG steering wheel. The Golf R steering wheel has a coucple extra buttons compared to my original SEL MFSW. I put...
  2. Rcbamm

    Any ideas why my window auto up/down stopped working?

    I’ve had this happen on every Mk4 VW I’ve owned, along with my Mk6 Jetta and Mk7’s. Seems to do it most when ever I disconnect and reconnect the main battery. Seems like in order for them (or one) to start working automatically again I have to cycle the windows up and down a few times (does it...
  3. Rcbamm

    Great to have a Tdi again

    Nice! I was real iffy and skeptical about buying another Mk7 after VW bought back my first Mk7 TDI SEL 6 speed MT. Loved my first one but put 44k miles on it in one year, hit a dear, got it fixed then a few months later hit a semi tire tread damaging the same side as what the deer caused. VW...
  4. Rcbamm

    Mk7 Common issues and resolutions

    On my first Mk7 TDI I took apart the light switch and modified it so I could be able to turn on the fog lights in any position. It was over a year ago and can’t remember exactly what I modified in the switch assembly. With my new GSW I’m gonna do the same thing. But just gotta get some time and...
  5. Rcbamm

    MIB 2 Retrofit? Nah. iPad dash install *pics*

    Got my new radio bezel shipped. Brand new never used from VW Hopefully within the next few weeks I’ll start cutting into this thing fitting the iPad 10.5
  6. Rcbamm

    MIB 2 Retrofit? Nah. iPad dash install *pics*

    Right, exactly.. I was looking into the MIB 2 retrofit and guesstimating the cost of close to a $1000 or more and a ton of coding which I have never done. Settled back for the iPad install instead.
  7. Rcbamm

    MIB 2 Retrofit? Nah. iPad dash install *pics*

    Here is a link showing the MIB 1 disassembled and how the iPad attaches
  8. Rcbamm

    show me your lowered wagons

    Not my GSW but my first Mk7 TDI. Lowered on ST Coilovers. Best riding coilovers I’ve ever felt.
  9. Rcbamm

    MIB 2 Retrofit? Nah. iPad dash install *pics*

    I don’t think I posted about my previous Mk7 iPad dash install before so here it goes. I did this to my first Mk7 TDI SEL with MIB 1 in 2016. I used an iPad Pro 9.7 with cellular, a secondary radio bezel with AC vents I sourced on eBay and a hard plastic iPad case that I cut and epoxied to the...
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  19. Rcbamm

    MIB1 Dead; 2015 GSW SEL

    Went back to the dealer for radio replacement this morning. After about 2 hours VW service came out and said you’re good to go. Everything is back to normal and working again. No defects noted! Super pleased with the warranty service from VW.
  20. Rcbamm

    MIB1 Dead; 2015 GSW SEL

    After about an hour and a half of waiting, the VW service rep came and told me “Come back tomorrow, we have to replace the radio module in the glove compartment and we’ll have a new one tomorrow, come by any time and we’ll get it changed for you quickly” Super satisfied with the customer...