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  1. 1dieselsteve

    Monster matts

    Have a set of 4 monster matts for sale. They were from a mk5 model Jetta. 50.00 obo. Local pick up. Can travel within a half hr. Radius
  2. 1dieselsteve

    for sale

    I have a few items for sale from my 2010 tdi. A set of winter tires with momo rims. They are falken eurowinter size 205/50/17 5x112 bolt pattern with spacers and gorilla wheel locks. These tires also have the tpms installed. There still is 7/32 of tread on them. i was really happy how they...
  3. 1dieselsteve

    Vcds cable

    Selling my vcds cable only have used it a couple of times on my vehicle, however I don't own it anymore so I don't have any use for it. When I did purchase it from Ross tech, it was for unlimited vin's. Hex+Can dual k & Can <-> USB asking $300.00 obo shipped
  4. 1dieselsteve

    FS: polar fis

    I have a polar fis for sale. Purchased it from Les several months ago. Installed it but then took it out for some repairs. Never plugged it back in. This was for a 2010 tdi Jetta. Asking $200 shipping included
  5. 1dieselsteve

    Inter cooler upgrade

    So I upgraded to the CR170 turbo and stage III Malone tune. Would it be beneficial to upgrade from OEM to dark side development intercooler. Is there any pros or cons. Or should or could I stay with the OEM. My mods are in my sig.
  6. 1dieselsteve

    Merry Christmas

    Wishing everyone on this forum a Merry Christmas. Hopefully everyone gets what they wanted for their VW such as performance upgrades to put smiles on our faces
  7. 1dieselsteve

    Fuel filter installation

    I have a question about how hard is it to replace the fuel filter on a 2010 TDI jetta. Used to have a diesel truck and was super easy. But with the VW is different. I did purchase a VCDS cable from Ross tech and I was wondering if any of you guys can explain how to change the filter and use the...
  8. 1dieselsteve

    For sale resonator

    Selling an AR30 resonator, which is a 3 inch inlet and outlet diameter. Never used and still in the box. Asking $85.00 shipping included.
  9. 1dieselsteve

    Head lights help

    Question for you all.... A friend of mine has a 09 jetta 2.5 L gasser, her headlights always burn out alternately. This happens every few months. Does anybody know what causes this?
  10. 1dieselsteve

    Exhaust question

    Ok, so now I have mine tuned with Malone stage two and a 3 inch down and mid pipe. This is all connected to the OEM exhaust. I love the Banks system, however some members have had some figment issues with it. I'm thinking about the borla exhaust, or what can you say about milltek? Still I don't...
  11. 1dieselsteve

    Frost inside the car

    Has anybody had the issue were frost builds up on the inside of the front windshield? The last two days it's been happening to me. Yesterday, I thought it was on the outside and touched it, that's were I noticed it how it was on the inside rather then the outside. Today the same thing. Does...
  12. 1dieselsteve

    Pentosin oil

    Hey I saw this oil for sale, has anybody ever heard of it or has experience on using this oil in their car. I've never heard of it before.
  13. 1dieselsteve

    Diesel Dubs and Malone tune

    I just wanted to say that I will be getting my exhaust and my Malone tunes installed today Hopefully, everything will be expected on what I have read. Tonight I will post some pics, my experience, and possibly even a you tube video.
  14. 1dieselsteve

    Want to change the head lights

    What kind of headlights do you have. I want to see some pics on what you have and how you like them... I found these...
  15. 1dieselsteve

    Pin striping

    Thinking about doing this to my jetta... What do you think