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  1. dubStrom

    Drop in MPG after KESSY "did something"

    I've had issues with KESSY not completely shutting down after I just turn on the "accessories" by pressing the button without holding the brake (to adjust/reset stuff in the radio/car interface). I press it to turn off, all dash lights go out, but...It drains the battery. Something is left...
  2. dubStrom

    right rear backup light keeps blowing out!

    Searched for burned out backup lights blown out, etc. But can't find a thread. My 2015 Golf wagon keeps blowing out right rear back up light. Any clues about what might cause this? The left rear backup light never blows out. I tried L.E.D. and it blew out that one too! HELP!
  3. dubStrom

    window problem after door replacement

    My right rear door had to be replaced after a weird accident. The collision repair shop is excellent, and it looks like new. But now the one touch down (or up) function does NOT work on JUST that window! The window regulator, speaker, and all interior trim was swapped into the door shell, so...
  4. dubStrom

    That elusive element...Unobtanium

    For those of us living in NA, our Volkswagen lineup includes Atlas in a nice gasoline engine equipped mega-thing. Aren't we lucky (an obvious rhetorical question, so I will leave off the question mark). Any trip across the Atlantic to VW paradise will reveal to us unfortunates just what VW...
  5. dubStrom


    thump on hard acceleration I just completed full front suspension work... Both sides got: lower control arm bushings outer CV joint/boot Bilstein TC sport struts/bearings lower ball joint BUT I still have a mild "thump" upon strong acceleration (just first gear). I guess this is an engine...
  6. dubStrom

    hills too much for cruise control. huh?

    Please delete this post-Found the answer after some searching
  7. dubStrom

    MK4 MKIV seat connections wiring-for the record

    I've searched the site, but haven't found posts with any details on seat wiring connections. I am swapping out old basic seats for a set of 8way powerseats. Driver seat has memory buttons. I assume that I can't use the memory function without the wiring harness (not in my GLS), but my chassis...
  8. dubStrom

    New 2015 GSW

    I picked up one of the last SE models in the area, and in my favorite heat reflecting "color". No three pedal versions anywhere around here now, but the DSG in this one is complemented by shift paddles that actually work and don't get overridden all the time (my BMW experience), even at lower...
  9. dubStrom


    Anybody try any of these suggestions for window control? The driver door keyhole method for lifting/dropping the windows appears gone in the 2015 GSW TDI (kessy). Any way to enable, or better yet activate remote keyfob control for this like you can with 2014?? Anyone try this...
  10. dubStrom

    local VW dealership selling a new 2015 Passat SEL TDI

    Is there a fix for the 2015 Passat TDI? I found a new (9 miles) Passat TDI SEL Premium package with the DSG on Craigslist for about $33k, and it is the dealership selling it. I thought that they could not sell them.
  11. dubStrom

    '03 versus '14 key fob compatibility question

    My new '03 ALH wagon project came with both original fobs with the correct original cut keys. The led flashes when you press the unlock or lock button, but no response from the car. Also, the fobs are BADLY worn and shabby. Both keys work fine in the driver door... not only lock or unlock all...
  12. dubStrom

    New Project

    With the loss of my '14 wagon (, I needed to find a replacement. I decided to go back to the ALH. It is a GLS, needs an engine. The body and interior are OK. I have a charger on the battery, and I will probe the codes soon. Rside by...
  13. dubStrom

    A bad day

    This happened in mid-November, 2016. With under 50k miles, this three pedal 2014 had many miles in front of it, and I was going to keep it, planning to turn down over $26k buyback. In fact, I was planning on walking away from the fix and restitution (over $6k), if a mod ever shows up for this...
  14. dubStrom

    Road Debris

    It looked like a plastic wheel well dam when it flew up from under the car in front of me. I think she ran over it (a minivan). Didn't even try to avoid it. It happened so fast I could not react. Forunately, the damage wasn't bad, but it definitely scratched up the clear coat on the front of...
  15. dubStrom

    mostly moderate driving, best tire for FE??

    There's probably not a single best tire, but I am about to buy new tires and skeptical about the anecdotal info on Tire Rack reviews. My JSW came with ContiProContact 205/55R 16 tires. I'd like to drop revs a little bit to improve fuel economy, but there is nothing really below 205 width (185...
  16. dubStrom

    less fuel = less NOx?

    Fuel injected engines offer considerable control over horse power output AND emissions output. I hear about our members upgrading to aftermarket injectors and getting both enhanced power output AND better fuel economy. But does that necessarily lead to increased NOx emissions? Conversley, if...
  17. dubStrom

    Why bother to accept a buy back?

    When I bought my 2nd JSW (the one I own), I did it because I realized that the Passat wagon will never be sold here, and the Passat sedan was great, but not for me. I intend to keep my JSW. :D A few days ago...I did the "all windows down with remote" modification using VCDS, just in time for...
  18. dubStrom

    Oil Filter deforms

    Every time I change my oil, the filter seems to go in smoothly, seats properly. Everytime I remove the filter, it seems to be crushed. Maybe the filter element expands, and appears to be crushed? I always use Mann filter HU719/7x Anyone else notice this?
  19. dubStrom

    low fuel prices keep new TD makers at bay in NA

    Is there any hope for new entries in the TD engine options in NA? After Chevy's brief entry last year (Cruze), we are again faced with the same selections... VW still has not rolled out Tiguan or Passat wagon with TDI, and still only Mercedes, Audi, and BMW have diesel alternatives in the...
  20. dubStrom

    Good Brakes?

    I got a device from my insurance company to plug into the diagnostic port for 90 days. Nice discount. I'm supposed to get additional discount based on the 90 day monitoring, but won't get a the full additional discount. It turns out "hard braking" is bad. Someone pulls in front of you and stops...