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  1. Dslbeet

    Rough idle

    I replaced the two main gaskets on injector pump, and it’s running great, just a rough idle. I’m not sure what I did to make it idle like this. Also it’s sitting at 1k rpm when idling. I’m lost?????
  2. Dslbeet

    Racing idle

    I have a 99 beetle 1.9 ALH, I replaced the 2 cover gasket’s on the injection pump. It cleared the air out, and now the idle just races up like she’s gonna blow. Please help????
  3. Dslbeet

    Valve cover gasket

    I have a 1999 1.9 ALH I can’t seem to get the valve cover gasket removed. Is it a permanent gasket? Do I need a new valve cover?
  4. Dslbeet

    Cylinder head removal

    I have a 1999 beetle 1.9 ALH Can the cylinder head be removed without removing the intake and exhaust manifolds?