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  1. aNUT

    WTB 02A selector shaft and shift tower, '02-'03 pancake pipe

    for a little project, let me know what you have, thanks.
  2. aNUT

    Diesel Land Equipment Clearance Sale

    I have a thread in the vendor classifieds forum. <LINK> I'm cross posting this here because many of the items will be much easier with a cash-n-carry local type of transaction. Thank you all for the many years of patronage and putting up with my temper tantrums as I continue to grow up.
  3. aNUT

    Diesel Land Equipment Clearance

    Full list of inventory post #5 Hi TDI family - I have closed my shop and am in the process of liquidating equipment. I have a google document with shop equipment I'm selling. A lot of this stuff is really geared towards commercial shops, but there are some items that may appeal to the...
  4. aNUT

    CATA timing chains

    LINK TO PHOTOS Welp, I knew we'd be doing them eventually. 140K on the clock. This one had significant chain rattle for upwards of 10 seconds after changing the oil or if it was a very cold start. Intake bank 1 cam phase retard was over 9 degrees when warmed up. I do not recommend pushing...
  5. aNUT

    WTB MK5 Left Front window motor w/ control unit

    Part number 1K0 959 701 L MX1 PM or email me if you have one please. Please include the VIN of the donor vehicle so I can confirm compatibility with my customer's car. Thank you!
  6. aNUT

    WTB stock ALH or BEW downpipe w/ cat

    Got one locally. Thanks all! Looking for a replacement for a customer. If you have on in good shape please let me know. I'm really only interested if it's stock, un-modified, and rust free. I can send a label if you can pack it up. Thank you.
  7. aNUT

    WTB '06 MK5 right front window motor

    Pls email or PM if you have a good one and the VIN it came out of so I can confirm fitment (vin splits) Thx.
  8. aNUT

    Hose that connects to the bottom of the intercooler on a B4 Passat

    Part # 3A0145995A Looking to purchase. Thanks!
  9. aNUT

    WTB 02M parts

    Looking for one or two of the following: Late style 02M trans case 02M301103L. This is the style with the 2 rubber plugs on the side opposite the bell housing. ERF input shaft 02M311103G. The latter is Euro only, the former is available in the US market, albeit not as common as the early...
  10. aNUT

    Wtb '04 Beetle instrument cluster part number 1C0920951A

    Found one. Thank you. If you have the above, please email me. anuthee at gmail dot com Thanks.
  11. aNUT

    WTB AHU/1Z crankshaft

    Just like the title says, I'm looking for an AHU/1Z crank in good shape (not run out of oil, crank nose undamaged) so I can get a customer's car back on the road. Please email me if you have one you're looking to part with. Found. Thanks everyone. Thanks.
  12. aNUT

    CR Tuning in Austin @ Meyerhoff 6/27

    I'll be in Austin next weekend @ Robby's shop w/ CR, DSG, PD, & VE tuning equipment. Software provided by Kerma. CR & DSG are available one day only; Saturday June 27. Please contact myself [anuthee (at)] or Robby [robby (at)] for more information or to schedule.
  13. aNUT

    WTB all silver Bioline wheel

    I have a friend that busted an all silver Bioline wheel. 16" 5x112 OE for many '06-10 MK5 Jetta sedan. If you have one you'd like to sell, please PM or email me.
  14. aNUT

    Low A/C refrigerant charge on CR MK5/6

    Look to post #5 for solution Please help keep this thread on topic. If your reply isn't about significant refrigerant leakage on MK5/6 ('09+) TDI, don't post here. So there's no shortage of A/C threads regarding the RCV for MK5/6; but I've seen at least a dozen of these '09+ cars with little...
  15. aNUT

    WTB manual trans conversion MK4

    I'm looking for: - 02J gearbox code EGR, EUH, or EBJ. I can make code DQY work, but i'll need to do a shift tower conversion on it, and reduces what I can pay. - transmission to trans mount bracket - axles w/ bolts (genuine VW, not chinese, ripped boot(s) okay) - starter w/ bolts - power...
  16. aNUT

    WTB '05 MK4 USA spec TDI cluster

    ...for manual trans, with the chrome rings. Part number is 1J5920906Q. Needed for a customer's car. Email me @ Thanks.
  17. aNUT

    Dyno of aNUT's '02 golf

    (click to enlarge) mods
  18. aNUT

    Puzzling BRM issue - car turns off after 3 min.

    Resolution I have a car in the shop I'm having some trouble with. It's an '06 Jetta TDI with manual transmission, engine code BRM. The customer reported that it died on the highway driving home after work. After waiting a few minutes, he restarted it. It drove absolutely fine for 3 minutes...
  19. aNUT

    Feeler F/S 96 B4 Passat TDI wagon Golden, CO. 80401

    Gray on gray Manual (of course) 265,xxx on the clock Overall good shape, especially for the age/miles, never wrecked, though not perfect. (some dents, nothing through the paint) Never run on grease. Interior is in the same condition. (not perfect, but is quite nice) Maintenance up to date -...