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  1. mtbr297

    Help buying TDI in Moncton New Brunswick

    Looking for someone who may live near Moncton or know someone who can help me buy a TDI I'm looking at. I want to bring it back to Texas. I'm not sure if it is a Canadian market car or not. Not sure where to look in Canada to research it. It has a clean New Brunswick title. I suspect it is...
  2. mtbr297

    Greasecar kit from 06 Jetta in Fort Worth for sale.

    I'm removing this kit and it's up for sale. Not sure of value it has. It does include digital controller and tank and all lines, valves professionally removed. So if your interested make me an offer I can't refuse. I'd estimate the kit is about 4 years old and ran for 30k miles. Previous...
  3. mtbr297

    Feeler, 2004 Seat Leon PD150 6 speed DRW in DFW

    Car has clean TX title, full black leather power seats and black interior. This is a true European car. It is now a legal TX car. If you're looking for a 1 of a kind car this is it. Has PD 150 ARL engine and DRW 6 speed manual transmission,new timing belt kit and colt stage 2 cam, with...
  4. mtbr297

    Coming soon rebuilt PD injectors and CR injectors tested ready to install.

    Now available "hot swap" remanufactured PD injectors tested ready to install. These injectors are built using the latest "state of the art" Bosch equipment. No other place in north America has this equipment to fully rebuild,calibrate and provide ready to install injectors. These come with a...
  5. mtbr297

    ALH AHU/1Z Injection pumps with 2 year unlimited mileage warranty

    ALH AHU/1Z Injection pumps with 24 month unlimited mileage warranty $1050. I'm now selling injection pumps. These are remanufactured to exacting standards by an authorized Bosch dealer with the latest Bosch test equipment. They come with unheard of 24 month unlimited mileage warranty. Core...
  6. mtbr297

    Full on RTDI build up.

    Starting with a 2004 R32 and building 300 hp engine. Will be building engine with BHW block bored to 81.5. I'm using a pd 150 crank, rosten rods, pd 150 head, BEW injectors with 80% nozzles. 2260VK turbo, S3 intercooler modified to fit pd 150 euro radiator carrier. Will be porting head and...
  7. mtbr297

    2005 Golf 5 speed 50k miles one owner

    2005 Golf 5 speed 50k miles one owner DFW SOLD SOLD SOLD One of my customers is selling this golf. I will be assisting with the sell. I can arrange shipping or you can fly into DFW and drive it home. All records from day one. This car is in very good condition, no rust all southern states...
  8. mtbr297

    2006 Jetta DSG Pkg2 191k miles Fort Worth

    This car has all maladies cured, new cam, timing belt, flywheel and turbo. All fluids and filters changed and current. One owner Texas car 9000 selling price. Consider how much all these recent services cost, then my selling price isn't absurd. I'm selling a $7000.00 car with $5500.00 worth...
  9. mtbr297

    590k miles in Dallas CL

    This car is listed for sale for 3800. He says it runs fine, pictures look ok.
  10. mtbr297

    Planning a GTG at TDI Guy's new location

    I'm thinking I'll be settled in by the end of May or first part of June. It will be at my new location, hopefully for several years to come. The address is 1202 Jacksboro Hwy 76114 in Fort Worth. It will be on a Saturday. I'm thinking June 1st or 8th. It is still tentative on when I can get...
  11. mtbr297

    3.2L R32 engine complete with HPA FT 450 kit $10K.

    Sold thanks for all the interest. This isn't a TDI but, I have a complete 2004 R32 engine with the HPA Ft 450 kit. The engine only has 53k miles on it. It has been adult driven, so no abuse. The kit alone sold for over 15k, not including the engine and labor to put it together. Will include...
  12. mtbr297

    Well it's official TDI Guy's new shop location is….

    1202 Jacksboro Hwy, Fort Worth, TX 76114. Luckily it is not very far from my current location. If you don't already know I'm only moving because TRVA is building new traffic circle and it cuts right through the middle of my shop. Something about eminent domain, I was told. The planned...
  13. mtbr297

    R32 with AZV/BKD conversion

    The R32 is sold and we will begin the build. Here is what we will be putting in the car. I have an AZV/BKD new engine, complete with wiring harness and BKD ecm. An FEL 4 motion specific TDI gearing transmission with Peloquin locking diff, upgraded steel shifting forks and maybe cryo...
  14. mtbr297

    2013 A3 ti sport package.

    I have decided to sell my A3. This is a brand new car with 6000 miles. They're not selling anymore A3 with the hatch back. This one is a black beauty with the ti sport package, convenience package (bose speakers and back up sensor) No sunroof, not a favorite item for me. I have added mud...
  15. mtbr297

    For sale 20k price Golf

    Check out this ad. I didn't know you could spend 15k on suspension alone.
  16. mtbr297

    2001 2 door golf auto 70k miles DFW.

    I have this car for sale and will include timing belt kit. Car runs and drives great. The bad is driver's seat has some wear on the left seat bolster, and left door panel was trim was sagging so we attempted a repair. Not perfect but looks better than before. I'll sell it for 8700.
  17. mtbr297

    Coming soon, 2003 2 door 5 spd golf, 93k miles. DFW

    2003 is a unique car since it has some options none of the other years had. 03 is the only year a 2 door golf had power windows and the last year of any 2 door tdi golfs until 2010, and it is the coveted 5 speed. Also the last year the ALH engine was used. I haven't driven the car yet but I...
  18. mtbr297

    GTG at TDI Guy in Fort Worth.

    I planning a GTG at my shop September 15th. It will be a 1 year anniversary for my new location near downtown Fort Worth. Aaron, ( will be attending to pickup a pair of Passat wagons I'm putting back together for him. If you have any special parts or even everyday items you...
  19. mtbr297

    Couple low mileage TDI's in Fort Worth

    We currently have a 2000 2 door golf 70k miles with auto trans and a Passat wagon with 66k miles. Both are black exterior.
  20. mtbr297

    2003 Metric cluster with SKC code

    I have a cluster out of a 2003 jetta from Canada, with SKC code and mileage set to zero. $125 plus shipping.