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  1. 06SpiceRedTDI

    Front wheel area rattles

    If anyone else is has a rattle in the front wheel, inner fender area check this out. On my car The plastic anchor that the screw pictured below goes into had completely pulled out of the metal on both sides of the car causing the inner fender and lower shroud to be loose and rattle.
  2. 06SpiceRedTDI

    2 year fuel log from my 06 Jetta

    Hey all, I made up an excel spreadsheet outlining my Fuel data on my car since new. I thought this would be a good place to share this. My lifetime average in ~42 MPG but my average since 11k is much better the extra fuel that this car used when it was brand new sure shows up in the data...
  3. 06SpiceRedTDI

    Jetta 2 year Fuel records.

    Just thought I would share this, I made up an excel sheet outlining, and graphing my Fuel costs as well as fuel prices for the last 2 years.:D
  4. 06SpiceRedTDI

    Wheels, Which look better.

    Well guys, I like the Visions but due to the poor quality of finish they are starting to look bad, what do you guys think.
  5. 06SpiceRedTDI

    Diesel Revolution

    Here is a bit of reading I thought all of you would enjoy from Motor Trend Magazine July 2008 Issue.
  6. 06SpiceRedTDI

    TDIClub members in Longview or Kelso, WA

    Any TDIClub members out there from Longview, or Kelso, WA or the surrounding area.
  7. 06SpiceRedTDI

    R32 Blue calipers. Poll with Pics.

    R32 Blue calipers, with Pics. Alright, there is a guy that gives me a hard time at work because of the color of my calipers. I painted them the closest color I could find, (High Temp Paint) to R32 blue. I also painted my rear VW emblem the same color, as can be seen in my Avatar. What do you...
  8. 06SpiceRedTDI

    Headlight adjustment recall.

    I don't quite understand this recall. I was told that they were capping the ability to adjust my headlights from left to right but I got my car back after the recall and it looks like they put caps in all of the adjustment for adjusting my headlight up and down and left my left-right adjustment...
  9. 06SpiceRedTDI

    FS: 2001 New Beetle TDI

    Sold!! I need to sell my wifes Loaded 2001 TDI Beetle with Very low miles because my family is growing in size. Last Major Service (Oil, Oil Filter, Fuel Filter, Air Filter, and Cabin Filter) done at 40k miles wilh Elf Excellum DID, all prior services completed by the dealer. This car was also...
  10. 06SpiceRedTDI

    MkV Jetta Zune Docking Integration.

    Just thought I would share some pics of my project of the day. I sacraficed a Zune Dock, and a Zune Car charger to integrate them into my jetta, before I had an aux in but I was tired of dealing with the wire and having to find somewhere to set the zune when traveling. Here is with the Zune...
  11. 06SpiceRedTDI

    Oldest VW Diesel in the US found. Click the photo to enlarge Last March, to celebrate the thirtieth anniversary selling diesel powered cars in North America, Volkswagen announced a search for the oldest running VW diesel in...
  12. 06SpiceRedTDI

    A5 clutch torque rating.

    So what I gather from all of the data that I have been reading here is that the clutch used in the MKV is the same clutch that was designed for the ALH motor in an MKIV which is only rated at 155 ft/lbs of torque, and the actual max torque rating on these clutch is 170 ft/lbs. So the real reason...
  13. 06SpiceRedTDI

    550HP 4-Motion A5

    Not a TDI but I bet this would be fun to drive.
  14. 06SpiceRedTDI

    Any gurus in PDX area that want to help Diagnose Int. Overboost?

    We just bought a 2001 Beetle with an ALH motor for my wife but it keeps throwing an overboost code and going into limp mode. I have worked on my old rabbit motors, but the ALH is a whole new creature to me. I would really like to get this resolved and have my own VAG Com cable.
  15. 06SpiceRedTDI

    2009 Corvette Diesel? Check it out. I also found a page with a 1977 Vette that someone has converted to Diesel 55 imperial MPG, not bad.
  16. 06SpiceRedTDI

    Working on my first 700 mile 50+ mpg tank.

    Up until now I have been averaging about 580 miles per tank. so I started driving 60 on the freeway to see what this car can do. I am working on 700 plus miles on this tank. below are the result so far. I have been getting 54 - 59 mpg on the freeway, but 20% of my driving is in town.:D
  17. 06SpiceRedTDI

    Better for my 06 than TXT 505.01?

    Synthetic 5W-40 Motor Oil (AFL) AMSOIL European Car Formula Synthetic 5W-40 Motor Oil is specially formulated for the lubrication needs of modern European gasoline and diesel cars and light trucks. Formulated with advanced AMSOIL synthetic base stocks, premium additives and a 5W-40 viscosity...
  18. 06SpiceRedTDI

    1982 Diesel Rabbit pickup near Portland, OR

    Asking $2500 here is a link to my craigslist ad.
  19. 06SpiceRedTDI

    2001 TDI Jetta Blue near Portland, OR under $12k