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    How would you build your dream B4 wagon?

    Windex & TDIL3- this list is super helpful. Also, fear not- I have two complete spare handle sets stored away for the undebatable future of more misery with the poor design. I'm thinking that I could modify them a bit and add an attachment at the right-hand side of each handle (masked screw or...
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    How would you build your dream B4 wagon?

    After many years of mechanical catch-ups, basic replacements, and consistent maintenance, I am ready to begin investing in making my b4 wagon (96') the million mile car. So, my question to you TDI enthusiasts, is what would you do with a nearly pristine 1996 B4 Passat wagon? I have a strong...
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    The "What did you do to your B4 today" thread...

    New rims, replaced boot and clutch covers (thanks Redline!), re-sealed all exterior trim, sat and looked at her for an hour with beer in hand.
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    Blend Door Repair Secret '96 Passat B4V

    Awesome tips, thanks for saving us all the hassle of removing too many pieces! This is such a common issue, I just ended up thinking of the flying foam like snow.