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    Loooking for TDI guru in Chicago land ?

    Can some one recommended a good TDI wrench in the Chicago land area? I live in Aurora,IL and need a second opinion on replacing my head gasket on my b5.5 Wagon. I was told by a local VW shop (not a dealer) that it was leaking and needs to be replaced at the tune of 1,0000.... From What I know...
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    Head gasket leak

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    Head gasket leak

    No other symptoms that I can see now, bot I'm going to keep my eye on it for the next few days. That price included the intake gasket, exhaust gasket, camshaft oil seal, head gasket , valve cover set, and new head bolts. That's about 137.48 in parts. The rest was labor. If worse comes to...
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    Head gasket leak

    I'm thinking of siting on it and watching oil consumption over the next week or so. Plus if it were leaking, wouldn't oil be all over the place? All anti freeze in fine.
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    Head gasket leak

    Sorry, I had to run to work.. I'm located in Aurora,IL This was a local VW shop (not a Dealer) that gave me that price. They said their was oil on the rear of the cilinder head. However, I don't see much of anything like that. some staining-Dirt???? This is on my 2005 b 5.5 wagon. pm
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    Head gasket leak

    How can I confirm a head gasket leak? I was told I needed new one at the cost of almost 1,000. From what I can tell their is not any oil sprayed around the engine. I don't want to get ripped off. Thanks.
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    When to relpace turbo

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    When to relpace turbo

    Hi, I'm approaching 175,000 miles on my golf, and I was wondering what the lifespan of a turbo is? As of now it works great. However, I'm considering replacing it before it dies. After all, it can't last forever. Is this a good idea? From my understanding, if a turbo blows it can destroy the...
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    Wiper motor not working??????

    My front wiper blades stopped working this am however I can still hear the motor running when I reset them. Does this sound like the motor failed or something maybe came lose ??:confused:
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    Oil Pressure Light for a couple sec after starting?

    Matt, Same thing happened with both of my TDI's this weekend, but all seems to be fine now. paul
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    Door locks and alarm not working..HELP

    My door locks and alarm stopped working after I changed out the rear break bulbs on my 2002 TDI golf. As far as I understand this should not affect the locks or does it and if not how do I start to figure out the problem? Thanks
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    Biodiesel as investment

    Try this site...........
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    Got a Ticket in the TDI and Feel Its Unjustified

    The COP sounds like a prick to me......FIGHT IT
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    Mobil T&SUV or Delvac 1 around Chicago?

    Farm and Fleet Oswego Delvac 1 and pep boys in the Fox Valley AKA Naperville off route 59 has truck/suv 5w40
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    four wire harness replace

    Eric, It has a four pin connecter at the fire wall, but I heard it's a pain in the @$$#%$%$% to fish out all the wires. Thats why I'm thinking of splicing it at the top.
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    four wire harness replace

    I'm about to replace my four wire glow plug harness on my 2002 and was thinking about just splicing it together at the top. Has any one done this and do you have any tips or do ya think I should do it the old fashion way?
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    Swish Swish sound

    So if it's the TB tensioner replace it ASAP or am I looking for trouble if i wait??
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    Swish Swish sound

    71,000 miles on her and I've done all maintence at this point.
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    Swish Swish sound

    Swish Swish sound coming from engine after starting at or near belts. Once the car is running at street speeds for a few the sound goes away. Any clue to what it might be?? One member mentioned it could be something in the timing belt path but was not sure. Thanks for any help.
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    will not start???

    Not shure what I was trying to say in last sentence....... scrap it......