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    Fix done. Money in the bank. Sell it?

    My 2015 fix is done. If I sell it, will the buyer be able to collect the money on the final fix? Or will I get it? Or no one? Thanks.
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    What's faster than a speeding bullet?

    Members leaving this forum after getting their money!! LOL
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    So how much for the lawyers?

    Did the class action lawyers get a cut of the pie? How much?
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    Bottleneck is the auditor/s

    All 2 of them. Documents are sitting there too long. Need a Kickstarter campaign to get them a bigger magnifying glass.
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    No penalties for the big guys!!

    Just thinking. I haven't read anything about the penalties for the execs that masterminded and implemented the cheating scandal. I guess paying off people gets them off the hook. Nice golden parachutes when they leave VW. Crime pays.
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    Still angry with VW after buyback?

    I was angry with VW for lying to me about their vehicles, but the buyback has eased it a lot. Of course I will never buy any VW product again.
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    TDI alternative
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    Carpal Tunnel Warning!

    Danger! Checking the OnLine Portal more than 75 times a day will result in severe Carpal Tunnel symptoms.
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    Just about the worst documents handling

    Sent a power of attorney in and got back a red exclamation mark saying it was wrong and to submit it correctly. No pointing out what line or what comma, or what signature was wrong. What total bulls---!!!!!!! Gone from VW For ever. Bought a Hyundai. Now I have to call the claim number and waste...
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    Delayed compensation for emission fix option

    Got my offer for the emission fix yesterday. But it looks like I have to wait until they get an approved fix, then you get 2/3, then later the other 1/3. If no fix is available until May 2018, you can still opt for buyback. Kind of sucks that you have to wait all this time, risk damage to your...
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    Coolant flush for 2015 TDI's ??

    I believe the heater core was re-designed for the 2015's, but I wonder about the theory that the regen's are causing the coolant to break down. Yes, the 2015's use G13 but I am thinking that coolant flushes might be good pro-active maintenance to prevent future heater core problems. Thoughts?
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    2015 TDI Improvements?

    After reading about prior years models having turbo, heater core, adblue system problems and Nox sensor issues I was wondering if they made any changes that will make my 2015 TDI not have these issues ?? I did get the extended warranty because the emission system is complicated and it ( EA288)...
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    Did the 20,000 mile check

    Fired up the VCDS: No faults. Printed it out. Took some photos of my work. I want a record in case of warranty issues later. Put it up on my ramps.Used my Oil Evacuator and got most of the oil out, then went under removed the belly pan.( T25 for side ones and front one and t40 for the 3 back...
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    2015, 2016 TDI's- Great or Sub-par?

    Trying to figure out if my 2 2015's are going to end up being great cars or headaches. On recent TDI's we have had blown turbo's, bad sensors, HPPF failures, premature water pump failures, clogged heater cores,etc. Yeah, I have the EA288 engine but I wonder how that is going to hold up. I do...
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    Navigation antenna fault

    Ran a VCDS system check on my 2015 TDI SEL Premium and got a fault on my Navigation system antenna. It was a grounding fault, happened 3 times and cleared each time. I am suspecting moisture. Keeping my eye on it. 13,500 miles.
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    2015 TDI Turbo Design?

    Finished reading the Sticky on all the turbo failures, but couldn't find any from the 2015 TDI. Has VW changed the design of the turbo system? Sure looks like previous years have a turbo design problem.
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    Keeping a TDI after warranty runs out?

    From past experience with Benz's, it just got too expensive to replace failed components after my warranty expired. I did all the routine maintenance and reliability was okay up to around 100,000 miles. I had 2 E320 CDI's. As the front end components were being replaced I started worrying about...
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    2015 TDI bulb chart?

    Anyone have an updated bulb replacement chart? Looked in owners's manual and didn't see it. Thanks.
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    How to: Remove Headlight Assembly 2015 Passat ?

    Has anyone posted a youtube or thread with pictures about removing the headlight assembly from a 2015 Passat TDI SEL PREMIUM? I plan on changing the small bulbs with this procedure and even the H7's instead of going through the small opening in the wheel well. Might be a lot easier and faster...
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    2015 TDI Ash Volume In DPF

    Used my VCDS, Passat TDI 2015, with 2306 Flash, 11,200 miles Engine, Advanced Measuring Values: Block 632: Particle Filter: oil ash volume- 4.3 g Block 637: Particle Filter ash load limit- 80.0g Also, looked for the AdBlu level I think this is the correct block, although not totally...