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    MKIV Jetta subframe alignment

    Does anybody know if the MKIV requires a subframe alignment? Was under the car looking for the alignment holes that VW tool 3393 fits into and couldn't locate them.
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    EGR dilemma

    Have had the symptoms of a cracked egr cooler lower pipe(exhaust noise/high pitch whistling) for the past couple of months. Confirmed last weekend by Ben (great TDI mechanic) when pulled the skid plate and saw black exhaust soot all over the egr cooler itself. I also discover a sheered off piece...
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    steering wheel question

    I have the 4 spoke foam/rubber non-multifunction steering wheel in my '04 Jetta. Does anybody know if it has a single stage or dual stage airbag? Thanks.
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    PD BEW won't start after Diesel Purge

    Hey guys, so I was in the middle of doing a fuel injector cleaning with Diesel Purge just like the tutorial in this thread here. Well, I stepped away for just a minute and when I came back one of the hoses fell out of the bottle and then shortly after that the car died. I tried priming the...
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    Jetta fuel&trunk switch housing removal

    I am wanting to replace the housing that holds the fuel & trunk switches on the driver's door. Updating the gray to black. :) I have the door panel off and have been working on prying it out but don't want to break it. Have searched all over the place online but have not found anything on how to...
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    Wheel compatablity question

    I asked this in another forum too, but have not received a response. I currently have the stock Monterey wheels that came on my '04 Jetta. I am wondering if the stock Reggae wheel that came on some MKIII models will fit on my car. It seems like the should because all of the specs are the same...
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    Castrol Edge Turbo Diesel SAE 5W-40

    Hi everybody, I have learned quite a lot from these forums for what I need to do to keep my TDI in good condition, so thank you to everybody here for all the useful information. I have a 2004 VW Jetta 1.9 TDI BEW pump deuce and want to know if Castrol Edge Turbo Diesel SAE 5W-40 is safe to use...