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    BOSCH and up-date from HMG (CAS) Attorney

    so it seems if we've registered with the VW court settlement website, we're already entered into this as well?
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    My Stripped (then un-stripped) Buyback attempt and experience

    haha you went through all that effort and gave them a half tank of diesel !
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    RNS-510 outside of a VW?

    Hhahahah have fun with that
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    Warranty Extension for HPFP from VW

    So who's got a good write up on how to remove this filler module, I'd love to have it installed, remove it myself, keep it in the car, and put it back in if my HPFP ****s the bed. Thoughts?
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    HPFP fuel system possible contamination.

    that looks ok to me, i think the HPFP produces more silver metallic bits, this may be from bad fuel
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    High Pressure Fuel Pump Warranty Extension

    I may have the guard installed then remove it myself, and keep it in the car to reinstall it if my HPFP ****s the bed. Now I just need to research how to uninstall it and hopefully it's not a destructive process
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    2013 jetta fuel filter

    not needed, most dealers don't even do it
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    90K Mile Oil Analysis 2010 Jetta - High Iron

    eh don't wory about it man, nobody has blown an engine yet here on this forum as far as i know I think if you were burning a lot of oil you'd have DPF issues, and... HPFP failure isn't going to be detected through engine oil analysis
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    Harder cold starts, stalling problem

    ^^ True, just had this myself P13D4 for the no.3 GP, IIRC
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    Harder cold starts, stalling problem

    Not to jinx myself here, but after driving from DE to OK in 3 days (1,500 miles) it is running and starting completely normal, maybe it was loaded up with carbon and soot, or bad fuel in DE fingers crossed, will keep you guys posted...
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    Harder cold starts, stalling problem

    I'm about to drive mine about 1,500 miles this weekend, so hopefully I'll know more regarding if fuel affects it etc... and hopefully it dosen't quit on me and leave me stranded!
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    Harder cold starts, stalling problem

    mine did this today, entered a regen, as i slowed to enter the gate to my work the needle was 'searching' between 800 - 1,000 for it's stable regen RPM, then as i came to a stop it completely stalled out on me, started back up and the regen RPM was stable but the idle felt rough Parked my car...
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    Harder cold starts, stalling problem

    hmm so it's done that since the line was replaced? mine just stumbles between 800-1,000 for a few seconds (needle moving up and down) then stabilizes at 800, haven't had any prolonged cranking starts yet... just frustrating still, after 200 bucks in parts, no improvement gotta live with it i...
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    Harder cold starts, stalling problem

    thecause; how is your car doing?
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    Harder cold starts, stalling problem

    and after about 2 days of starting better than normal, the old problem is back glow plug replaced also that was throwing a pressure sensor fault, this had no affect on this issue either... frustrated
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    which Glow plug for CJAA ?

    34,000 here car runs the same after the swap... annoying to spend 100 bucks to turn off a light essentially
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    which Glow plug for CJAA ?

    Also, the GP I got from the dealer says Borg Warner on it where the OEM one I pulled said BERU, after a bit of research I discovered that Borg Warner now owns BERU and apparently started putting their name on the part this was the 'G' part number.
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    which Glow plug for CJAA ?

    just replaced my glow plug, took 10 min, i found values of 20 NM for breaking (loosening) tq and 12 NM for tightening. The harness that connects to the plug connector can be somewhat un clipped from the tray it sits in to give you more room to pull it off the glow plug without putting too much...
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    Harder cold starts, stalling problem

    well the fuel return line is certainly the fix, started my car this morn ~51 degrees, it had been sitting for about a day and it started great, no bumps or stutter, settled down at 1,000 then slowly went to 800. Great success so far!