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    Hard Start / Non-Start In Morning

    Hello everyone, I may be seeing this issue a lot on other websites because my car is been in the shop for six weeks with this issue, but maybe it’s worth starting a thread. Issue: CJAA engine is hard to start, or is unable to start with no faults shown. Occurrence: Mornings and/or when car...
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    Random Hard Start

    Hey everyone, Given: 2012 Sportwagen, 6MT ~4 month old Yellowtop Battery RCD330 (187B) Head Unit DEAutoLED Lights New BECM No modifications to factory harnessing issue: Engine sometimes takes 5-15 seconds of cranking to start. Frequency: Very intermittent, but more likely to happen when last...
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    MDI Replacement with DIN Tray

    Hey everyone, I figured I’d add this here, since I couldn’t find any complete information on it. I installed DIN compartment where my MDI box was in the armrest: Ai UPK750 1981-2013... There was a “medium” size faceplate and some...
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    Door Lock Stops Working

    Hey everyone, I am having a weird issue. Most likely, this will be a dealer CPO fix. Adding to the forum here and will update if/when it's fixed. Car Description: 2012 JSW, 6MT Added: RCD330 Head Unit w/ Backup camera. Programmed w/ OBDeleven Issue Description: Door lock does not work most of...