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    Hybrids suck!! Where to get stickers??

    I'm looking for a F&$K Hybrids sticker or Hybrids suck sticker. Does anyone know Where i can order on online?
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    Any mk5s going to TDIFEST? Show & Shine

    Just wondering who i have to compete against in the show and shine! ;)
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    Switch over from winter to Summer diesel

    When do northern gas stations switch over from Winter diesel to summer diesel? I'm waiting for the switchover so I can possibly see tanks that get over 750-800kms. My mialage hasnt gotten any better lately so i guess the switchover hasnt happened yet in montreal.
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    New wheels and suspension

    I know most of you wont like it..but I like to share. I didnt notice and drop in fuel economy. With the 225/35ZR19 Falken 452 the rolling diameter is slightly larger but i noticed i can coast longer than i used to. Fast DTM wheels 19x8.5 +45 front 19x9.5 +45 rear (18" x 8" Aristo replicas...
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    Breakfast in Pointe-Claire

    Quebequers really love their Breakfast. Within 3 KM's of the Holiday in where TDI Fest is being held, there are no less than 10 restaurants that serve the best breakfast in the world. No IHOP garbage. These restaurants close everyday at 3pm and serve only the most delicious, tasty and creative...
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    Canadian websites that offer TDI Maintenance kits shipped.

    I see many websites that offer maintenance kits for great prices and shipped to your door but they are all in the USA. I was wondering if there were any webstores that offer this for those of us north of the border? Thanks
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    1700rpm in 3rd

    Without fail if im at +-1500RPM in third and I mash the throttle I get a shudder in the drivetrain. It almost feels like the rumble you feel when clutching in 1st to take off from a light. I've had the car for a week today. I got it with 4200kms and chipped it at 4500kms (125whp/248wtq). It...
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    PD100 vs. PD130

    From what i understand the american PD100 has all the same hardware as the Euro PD130. It seems as though it is only de-tuned via software. Is this true? SAme turbo, front mount, injectors, etc....? Thanks.
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    Freshly chipped w/Unitronic

    I picked up my 06 Jetta TDI (09/06) last friday with 4200km on the odometer, I was pretty happy with the stock performance but coming from a 1.8t I needed just a bit more. Since I live in Montreal and know the guys from Unitronic fairly well, I stoped in to see what kind of torque these oil...
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    Very impressed with cabin heat on mk5 TDI

    After reading threads on this site about TDI taking forever to reach a comfortable cabin temperature, I must say that i'm very releived. The electric heater workd majic and my car (even in todays -20celcius) reached comfortable temps in half the time my 03 GTI would. I'm really learning to love...
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    19" wheels and 225/35 19

    I just bought my first diesel. Its a manual 06 Jetta TDI demo with 4000kms on it. In may i plan to lower the car and install 19" Huff replicas with 225/35zr19 Falken 452 (300 treadwear). I'm wondering what you guys think i will be sacrificing in fuel consumption to get the style i'm after. I...