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    Driver rear wondow wont go up or down but can hear motor

    Wanted to ask what was the most common culprit? Motor or regulator? Switches are working and motor is getting power but window will not go up or down? I wanted to order parts but should I wait till my mechanic has it apart? It appears to be the window regulator because after Ive gotten the...
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    OEM Clear MK4 Side Indicators wanted For Golf

    I have the chinese led side indicators and one stopped working. Looking to replace back to oem with the amber wedge bulbs if anyone has a set they want to let go in good condition? I need them nice and clear. Thanks.
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    MS02 For Gears

    Would it be ok to add some to my transmission with the penzoil syncromesh when change the fluid? Thanks
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    Led H7 pnp

    Anyone swap out their halogen bulbs and are running led’s with success? Im interested in a direct swap bulb px26d as long as its super bright doesnt flicker and lasts a long time. Im used to using only super bright off road 65-80 watt high quality German bulbs such as the Osrams. I love them...
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    Valvoline Syncromesh MTF

    Anyone running this? I believe it is gl-4 rated and is much less rt now on amazon than Pennzoil?
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    Brake system flush refresh

    How much fluid should I order to do a flush? Any old dot 4? Just want to refresh the fluid since its been 5 years. Thanks.
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    02j tranny fluid

    Whats THE BEST was thinking Redline MT-90?
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    Timing belt Job Central Coast Ca

    Are there any mobil guys that could do my timing belt in a couple months? Any recommended tdi guys near Santa Barbara Lompoc area? Thanks!
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    Timing belt tool kit

    Wheres the best place to get the tools with great price? Dont want to spend 200 if i dont have too? Thanks guys.
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    Fcp euro INA timing belt kit

    Does anyone know if the ina belt kit is a 100k mile kit? I believe it has to be as all kits after a certain year include upgraded parts that make it a 100k mile kit? It doesnt come with cam seal or crank seal shouldnt they both be replaced while were in there? Is 1.5 quarts enough coolant to...
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    Passenger rear view mirror glass fell off today

    My mirrors are heated but backing plate is fine. Can i just order a glass piece and just use some adhesive to repair or are you supposed to replace the backing plate and glass together? Thanks
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    MK4 Golf engine, transmission, dogbone mounts upgraded

    Does anyone possibly have like the BFI stage 1 engine mounts? What about upgraded transmission mount or dog bone? Thanks
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    Front window seal/channel Golf 4 door

    Does anyone have the front left and right window seals possibly? Or may just try repairing mine with silicone? Thanks
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    Replacement Bucket Seats

    Who makes brackets so we can fit aftermarket seats? Or are our options just replace with same generation vw seats? Would really like to replace with a decent quality bucket seat? Thanks.
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    Oil filter 10 packs

    Whose got the best deal on filter packs? Need a couple fuel filters also? I don't see them listed on Metalmanparts site anymore? Thanks guys.
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    Extended tie rods? For lowered Golf

    We just installed Vogtland lowering springs and my alignment is set, but alignment shop said turning the tie rod ends changes the toe? Has anyone ran into a problem with tie rods after lowering? Maybe we need to unthread the inner tie rod a little more to enable adjusting the outer tie rod? Thanks
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    Wheel spacers

    What sizes is most popular on our platform? Maybe 10mm ft and 15mm rear? Anyone running them? Thanks
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    2001 TDI Golf Suspension Upgrade

    I'm currently running factory springs with Bilstein TC sports, but found a good deal on a set of Vogtland springs designed for a 2003 GTI. Is there a big weight difference between the GTI front end and out ALH motor? I think these springs should work fine especially if their higher rate anyhow...
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    Mk4 Moog Springs with factory spacers. 100 shipped.

    I have all four springs with the factory spacers off the Beetle for additional lift on the front. This raises a Golf by about 1.5" and maybe 2" in the back. Great for snow or bad roads. Pics if needed. Thanks.
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    Play in the wheel?

    My Golf has prob like 1.5” of play in the wheel which I don’t like for my high performance driving. Which component of the steering is likely the culprit? Is there an arm or bushings that should be replaced? Thanks in advance!