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  1. dieselpower2010

    Front wheel hub bearing making noise after only 50K miles

    So a little pissed off right now. Thought that the noise coming from the front of the car was a tire issue. Turns out that it's not. Put new tires on yesturday and the noise is still there. So the only logical conclusion is a wheel hub and bearing going bad. Finding it hard to understand...
  2. dieselpower2010

    VCDS around E city, NC

    Wondering if anyone has a laptop with vcds around camden county, elizabeth city area. i am trying to get my fuel filter service done on my 2010 and i need a vcds to run the fuel pumps the easy way instead of jumping the pumps. Any help would be greatly appriciated.
  3. dieselpower2010

    About to deploy and need some info for car lay up

    I am about to deploy to afghanistan for a year or a little longer. I was wondering if there is anything special i should do to my engine, fuel ect to prepare it to sit in the garage for a year or so? Thanks in advance for any help.
  4. dieselpower2010

    Looking to change headlights

    I was wondering if anyone knows if a Audi headlight (the ones with the led strips in them) will fit in the 2010 jettas? I really like them but looking at there shape they dont look like they will work no matter what Audi car you look at.
  5. dieselpower2010

    Need a good place to put EGT probe.

    I have a 2010 jetta tdi and i can't find a good place to put they egt probe. I had a independent audi/vw guru look and he suggested to the side of the O2 sensor just after the the turbo on the tube going to the DPF. Has anyone tried that there or know of a better place to install it to get the...
  6. dieselpower2010

    steering column gauge pods

    I am wondering if any one knows of a company that makes a steering column gauge pod for a 2010 jetta. I am having troubles finding one cause I can only find one for 07 and below. Did they change the column that much that an 07 won't fit? Any help would be great!