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  1. FormerOwner

    Fumoto Oil Drain Valve Question

    Yes! I was referring to the MK4's! You got it right. That's what I was referring to in my post. Thanks much!
  2. FormerOwner

    Fumoto Oil Drain Valve Question

    Never ever buy a fumoto for a vw car... Too low to the ground! (unless you keep your belly pan on). I have read several threads on here from over a decade ago detailing engine failures due to drivers striking objects and destroying their fumotos & their engines. However, on a pickup truck, i...
  3. FormerOwner

    Engine oil leak

    It is plausible. Remember, turbo pipes can loosen if they aren't installed right the first time.
  4. FormerOwner

    Issues with First and Second gear in the cold?

    Common sense... you live in a cold environment. Let your car idle in neutral for a few minutes, then row the gearbox. Repeat this again. Then, proceed to your destination. Shift slowly.
  5. FormerOwner

    Fluidampr installed on NMS passat with CKRA

    Wow! Fluidampr gettin' in the act... are you racing that car? Just curious.
  6. FormerOwner

    Power Service for fuel filter priming, running unfiltered?

    I discussed nearly 2 years ago... here's the skinny... remove the old filter, visually inspect the fuel inside the canister. If there is no water or sediment, replace the filter. If not, clean and then pour in fresh fuel or PowerService; proceed with the new filter installation. Other than...
  7. FormerOwner

    Will performing 30k service by your own void Factory Warranty?

    No. If an ignorant service advisor (do they ever get any training from the auto world anymore?) contradicts what I, & the Magnusson-Moss say, I would slyly say to that person- get ready to be subpoenaed.
  8. FormerOwner

    100,000 mile club

    Hey Grove! I'm glad your car is fine! You are treating it like the wise man you are! Best wishes, Shawn
  9. FormerOwner

    Engine oil leak

    Ok great. I would check it daily for about 5 days to get a baseline and then some data... in the back of my mind I worry, but I try not to about this!
  10. FormerOwner

    Engine oil leak

    I would like to check the oil level after the engine is completely cold and the car is parked on a flat surface. That way, you can figure out how bad the leak was- by checking the dipstick. Top off if needed.
  11. FormerOwner

    100,000 mile club

    Ok. Best of luck!
  12. FormerOwner

    100,000 mile club

    I have a question- do you store your car in a garage? Temps are critical for these cars. Just let it idle a couple of minutes and see if you can make the DSG do its shifting at or below 2200 rpms. When you get to the first or second mark on the temp gauge increase your speed and shift points to...
  13. FormerOwner

    23N5 software update thread to address turbo failures

    My 23N5 ECM update letter was received this afternoon. I can't wait to drink my free cup of java at the VW dealership afterwards.
  14. FormerOwner

    TDI Fest 2015

    Can it be done during the summertime, BEFORE Labor Day? I have 2 + months off in the summertime & would love to attend one of these events but the Labor Day Holiday is a no go!
  15. FormerOwner

    Mechanically 2014 vs 2015

    Oh if we could only figure out how to put in an ALH into the NMS! LOL!
  16. FormerOwner

    How many miles on your passat ?

    Gonna turn 75,000 miles soon... great vehicle thus far!
  17. FormerOwner

    VWOA commitment (lack of) to NA buyers

    You know... if I were the only person riding in my car, I'd go back to a GOLF TDI in a heartbeat. That thing is a rocket ship. Quick, nimble, and fun to drive in a 6 speed manual. But, my kids are tall like me and need the leg room. Soooooo I made a good call when I went with the Passat...
  18. FormerOwner

    VWOA commitment (lack of) to NA buyers

    (Note- old school bias here) It seems that cars are marketed these days with "infotainment" systems as THE reason to buy cars. People are glued to their electronic devices and consequently, if a car can bridge the gap between driving and keeping the driver abreast of the latest in...
  19. FormerOwner

    2012 Passat Wiper Blades

    I bought the OEM blades from VW. No issues.
  20. FormerOwner

    Oil weight??

    I'd give him the Donald Trump- "Your're fired".