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    Euro tunning 6th gear add on kit

    Thanks Burpod and Windex . I will try get in touch with Czech guys. My jetta is going strong , fiddling here and there the car is doing great, iam doing 44/46 and sometimes 47 mpg mix stop and go and highway. But i want more of this little car. Special now with fuel prices. Iam not going to try...
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    Euro tunning 6th gear add on kit

    Has anyone tried contact the guys in Czech Republic euro tunning and paid and had one of those conversion kits shipped to USA ? After long research I can’t find any of these kits if not mention here on forum and this euro tunning Czech website with just a phone number and bank account. I can’t...
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    What is the real purpose of Relay 180?

    Iam trying figure this out as well, i have mk4 jetta 1999 alh tdi 1.9, has same shape of models 2000. My glow plug light doesn’t come on . Tested the circuit, those relays on top of battery are fine. Eletricity seems not coming to glow plugs somehow, i have no idea what is going on. I curse this...
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    Coolant leak at the flange mk4 jetta . O ring to blame

    Hey guys, just want to share this.. after long time having a coolant leak i found out was leaking at the flange connected to the heater core, where the coolant comes back going to engine. Was dripping on the firewall, and going all the way down and dripping by the control arm left side. Really...
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    Wheel bearing replaced... still have noise

    Update: so i used a device called 6channel eletronic stethoscope. And bearings both front and rear seems fine. But the noise is big on the right front differential disconnect(the one i changed) and front differential left. Still not sure, will disassemble left front wheel bearing and cv axle to...
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    Wheel bearing replaced... still have noise

    Hey i have a theory. When turn right on crossings usually we do on lower speeds, cuz is sharp turns. So we throw less weight on left side, but when doing to the left we do fast cuz the turns is not sharp. So being also long turn for long amount of time the weight goes more intense on the right...