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    Binding when trying to turn crank.

    I finally got the motor mounted in my golf and went to spin the crank by hand and nothing. It will go backwards but not forward. So I pulled the motor back out thinking I had messed up seating to the TC and attempted again, nothing. I have no idea what I might have done assembling the motor for...
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    04 BEW install

    So I finally got everything together and went to go put the motor in. My first problem is I left the transmission (09A) in mainly because I dont have a lot of space to keep it. This leads me to the second problem, I got the motor in and the TC in to the crank shaft but it seems to be stuck and...
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    WTB BEW Short Block in Central Va

    For those who don't know I gernaded my motor a year ago and finally have some funds. After getting the head off and getting Frank06 to build me another I found the block was trash. Looking to replace if you're in the area and have a complete short block you're willing to part with for a fair...
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    04 BEW Auto oil pan removal

    So I have all the bolts..even the recessed one loose however I don't know what size the belly housing bolts are seems to be an 11mm triple square but I can't find one for the life of me.
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    Glow plug broke in what?

    So I've had my TDI for about 2 months. Saturday morning I was on my way to work and it stumbled then died. Tried starting it again while waiting for my tow and got nothing but some smoke from the starter. After spending a day searching the forum I saw a few people wit the same issue and started...
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    Richmond,Va TDIers

    Hey new to the forums been living in the Ettrick/Matoca area for about 3 years hopefully there are others around and we can have a few gtg and wrench with one another. Let me see who's out here.