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    Is the Intercooler TSB working?

    Simple question, hard to tell by digging through 4,000+ posts. The dealer told me that I could have the upgrade done at no cost, this was after bringing in my car because it was having rough idle / start ups. One start the car even stalled after a brief rough idle at 800 rpm. They said they...
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    Quick carefree/worry free maintenance warranty question

    So I bought my 2010 Jetta in Nov of 2010. I'm coming up on 30k miles, I think I'm at 26k now, and I bought the car at the end of November 2010. I cannot remember, and am out of the country currently, if the carefree maintenance is 30k / 3 years, or just strictly mileage based. So will I be...
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    Saw a VW on a flatbed today, no external damage :(

    Dover, De area Hope it wasn't anyone on here. I hope it wasn't HPFP related, it was an 11' or newer Black Jetta... I was hoping to see some sort of damage on it once I made out the TDI badge... But as I feared, looked to be engine related...
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    84 MPG in the new Passat TDI...???

    Taken from VW's website; Results may vary greatly. And awesomely. Maybe even enough to double the range of a Passat. Mileage experts John and Helen Taylor recently did just that when they went almost halfway across the country on a single tank of diesel fuel. We gave the Taylors a...
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    Any 'easy' way to drop the headliner?

    I'm currently a bit too far away from a dealer to take it in, but I have what sounds like a cable / wire that rattles sometime, behiend the sunroof. I was wondering if there is an easy way to drop the headliner to just take a look at it and maybe tape it up.... Dealer would probably jack up /...
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    Goin to the dealer tomorrow

    For ECU update as well as DSG update also, #2 injector line recall, we'll see if I need the line replaced or just the dampeners also, hopefully they can figure out why I keep throwing an O2 sensor code (P2271) I'll report back with the results
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    Help with an Engine Code!! P2271

    My 2010 Jetta TDI DSG gave me an engine light today. Got about 11k on the car now, and I've had it for a year almost to the day. Well O'Riley's scanned the code for me; P2271 "O2 sensor signal stuck rich - Bank 1 Sensor 2" Had them reset the code and it hasn't come back on yet (10 miles...
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    10 K service

    10 K service (what do they do?) What exactly is done at the 10k service for a 2010 Jetta TDI DSG; im about 700 miles away and will be doing it soon. Things to look out for / make sure they do? I've heard of a ECU re-flash, does that really help with mileage and the typical DSG shudders etc...
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    Regen Cycle just after road trip?

    So I recently went to Memphis Tn, and back (350 miles) all highway speeds 55-65 mph. Managed to get 51 mpg on the way up, and 48 mpg on the way home. As soon as I got back to my neighborhood, I noticed my car entered a regen cycle, (idle speed 1000 rpm and increased engine noise / fans /...
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    Fan stays on after shut-off (60F degree weather) < 30 mph driving..??

    I live on a military base and do a lot of short (less than 2 mile) trips. I know this is not particularly good for the engine, but I can't avoid it since everything including work is so close. Well today, and this has happened before, after driving around maybe 5 or so miles in a 30 min span...
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    Jack Ingram Motors

    I'm in the Montgomery Al area for a while and I need to find a dealership to take my car to for the 90 day checkup, and I was wondering if anyone has gone to this dealership. Also, what types of things do they do during this check up? Jeff
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    Noticed something funny with MFI computer

    Two things; 1. While sitting in the parking lot (engine off / key on) listening to Sirius radio before work, i was playing around with the on board computer and noticed that the "Range" was decreasing from 460 miles to 455 then 450 miles, as i sat there (engine off).... Why is this? Because...
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    New Member, A few Questions!

    Hello all, glad to see a highly trafficked forum dedicated to TDI's. I've been a member of a High Performance Chevrolet forum for about 6 years now so I'd like to think I'm familiar with the "forum culture". Anyhow I'm going to break the "five line rule". I just purchased a 2010 Jetta TDI...