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    New 2016 Touareg TDI Sport 60K

    Seen a nice black one at my dealership in the used lot. When I inquired about it, they told me it had 60 on it. When I replied 60K is too many for me to consider upgrading on. She said no I mean 60 miles, less then 100. Selling for 60K with an outstanding warranty. Seems like a lot for a 6...
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    First Transmission Service at 141K Miles

    My VW dealership has always told me my 2014 Touareg had permanent fluid never to be changed. It had recently started hanging up in 3rd gear when accelerating slowly with a cold winter transmission. It would always shift but only when rpm's were elevated. I finally decided to get it changed in...
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    Record Miles On One Tank

    I did this a couple of weeks ago. It is the equivalent to driving to Atlanta from where I live in SW Michigan. Actual mileage was 30.56 mpg. I admit I drove about three 100 miles freeway trips at 65 mph. Took like 23. 6 gallons. It is a 2014 and has 132,000 miles on it without the emission...
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    103 Miles at 65 MPH in Both Directions

    Had to take my Grand Dog to the vet to get a shot in Mattawan, MI. I get on I-94 at the 23 mile marker and get off at the 66 mile marker. And their is about 3.5 miles of stop and go at either end. I had plenty of time and drove only 65 mph and 60 in the 8 miles total of construction both ways...
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    So Who Has The Most Miles?

    How many miles on your Touareg TDI? I have almost 129,000.
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    Timing Chain Tensioner Life

    I'm reading various opinions on if you should be concerned with a little valve clatter on startup of a cold engine. I have a 2014 Touareg Sport TDI with 127,000 miles. When it is cold, I hear this clattering noise for about 1-2 seconds. Some people say the timing chain tensioner is the weak link...
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    Strut Coil Spring Life

    My 2014 Touareg TDI has 127,000 miles. It seems like the suspension is getting soft. I don't know if it needs struts or struts and coils. Anyone have any recommendations?
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    Recommendation on Replacement Brakes/Rotors

    I have a 2014 Touareg TDI and have to put brakes/rotors on it. Anyone have any recommendations for me?