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  1. Softrockrenegade

    Passat running a little hot?

    Today on my way back home from vacation my scan gauge was showing coolant temps up to 225 degrees on extended uphill pulls and went as high as 230 for a quick minute. After returning to a downhill or flat grade it returned to between 211 and 215 degrees(normal temps). Idles about 209 degrees...
  2. Softrockrenegade

    MkVII golf sportwagen on GSP

    Silver sportwagen around exit 150 this morning with tdiclub plate frame. Sweet ride man. Only the second club plate frame I've seen on the road. I was in the black Passat.
  3. Softrockrenegade

    60k service air filter question

    So I did my 60k service (myself) this morning and all went well. Fuel filter was clean as was the canister. Oil wise it used about .5 liters over 10k but my air filter was a little dark. I'm thinking just road grime over 60k amd 2 years. It's not oily and brushes right off. Anyone else change...
  4. Softrockrenegade

    Wet passenger rear carpet.

    A good friend of mine just got a 2009 jetta and is having a problem with wet rear passenger carpet. I'm thinking sun roof but I also read about water coming in through the cabin filter. Any help would be great as I am trying to help without the dealer getting involved.
  5. Softrockrenegade

    Safelite broke my windshield (glass options)

    Well the other day a rock put a star crack in my windshield about the size of a dime. Brought it to safelite to fix as a no cost option through insurance. They came out about 5 minutes later saying the fix didn't take and cracked which means I now have to replaced windshield. I refused to let...
  6. Softrockrenegade

    Trying liqui-moly top tec 4200

    Just changed the oil in my passat and decided on this flavor of oil ! Engine seems very quiet :) ! Anybody else have any experience?
  7. Softrockrenegade

    New shoes! ContiPureEco

    So I noticed a slight bubble on my sidewall from all the potholes yesterday and have some new tires coming in. Went with the conti pure contact with Eco plus tech. Went through my dealer which gave me the tire rack price of $134 (no shipping cost) and a promotional free 4 wheel alignment. I...
  8. Softrockrenegade

    Filling FF can with power service?

    Just wanted to get some opinions on this. I just did my first ff change and used PS to fill the canister on my 2013 passat. What are the pros and cons of doing this? It fired up and ran with out any problems but just wondering. I believe I read it's mostly diesel anyway.
  9. Softrockrenegade

    Did my 40k fuel filter today

    And it couldn't be easier. Went the low tech way , drained canister wiped clean and refilled with power service because I didn't have any diesel at home. The screws are very obvious when they are tight and I decided not to bother with the torque wrench. Started right up just like normal plus...
  10. Softrockrenegade

    Cost to fix

    So my wife hit some ice this weekend and ended up in the woods. She and the dog were fine but her car took a bit of a hit. What do u guys think this will cost to fix ? I made a claim and am hoping they don't want to total it out. The car drives fine and it appears to be only cosmetic damage. KBB...
  11. Softrockrenegade

    Warning: 507.00 oil

    I just saw this little gem VW stuck inside the engine bay of our cars while checking my oil. They should let dealer service depts. in on this info :D !!!
  12. Softrockrenegade

    04 R32 trans woes !

    A friend of mine has a 2004 mk4 r32... First and reverse are popping out of gear into neutral and 5th seems to be lagging on the shift ... She explains it as not letting off the clutch and giving it gas at the same time. Any input would be great! Thanks guys !!!
  13. Softrockrenegade

    Passed on 30k dealer service...

    And did it myself in my driveway ! Went very smooth other than wrestling around trying to get the filter back in... I did a top extraction. Filled with M1 5w30 esp and used an oem filter from the dealer. Topped up the adblue with the special bottle then cut the bottom off and put 2.5 more...
  14. Softrockrenegade

    Please... DON'T pimp my ride !!!

    Saw this handsome devil on my way home tonight ! I know this isn't the jetta forum but this post isn't really model specific anyway ! I'm sure everybody needs a good laugh to kick off their weekend! So without further adieu here is the... .... jetta racing turbo TDI ..... At least that's how...
  15. Softrockrenegade

    How many miles on your passat ?

    What's the count folks ?
  16. Softrockrenegade

    Airbag lines on dash too!!!

    Airbag seams showing on dash too ! This is rediculous on a car less than a year old !
  17. Softrockrenegade

    Debadged....Finally ;)

    ...Except for the important letters , of course !!!
  18. Softrockrenegade

    Head liner replacement ? How involved ?

    My headliner was creased durring a warrenty repair and I was wondering if its really worth having them replace it or will they have to tear soo much apart they will cause even more damage . What are the chances of them getting it right ? Do the seats need to come out ? Does the dash need to come...
  19. Softrockrenegade

    Defective rear window or damage from tint installation ?

    So I just got my car tinted at a very reputable shop which I've used in the past and overall the job came out great bit I noticed somthing strange in the rear window with a section of defroster lines . Seems there is one section that is a darker color than the rest and I'm just seeking opinions...
  20. Softrockrenegade

    Turbo flutter noise

    Is anyone else noticing a fluttering sound inbetween high load shifts in the lower gears in their 6MT ? Could this be a compressor surge ? Do I need to go to the dealer ASAP ? Or am I just hearing the turbo spool down ? Only happens when letting off the throttle. Sounds sorta like this but...